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In C# I'm using the gecko webbrowser and I'm just doing some testing and I have a richtextbox and I have this code on text changed

geckoWebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerHtml = richTextBox1.Text;

Now it all works except I can't get javascripting to work properly.

This is my Html code.

function test(t)
if(t.value == "test")
t.value = "TEST";
t.value = "test";

<input type="button" onclick="test(this)" value="test" ></input>

How do I get the java scripting to work in the gecko browser?
Updated 8-Jun-12 0:25am

1 solution

First, I think the input element can't have a closing tag, so adjust your markup to look like this:
<input type="button" onclick="test(this)" value="test" />

Also, supply the type attribute to the script element:

<script type="text/javascript">

Maybe the Gecko engine treats these as errors and thus the code doesn't get executed.

I hope this helps.
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ZaiDz 8-Jun-12 6:31am    
No, didn't change anything.
Any more suggestions?
Toshichka 13-Nov-13 3:51am    
does any one has a solution for this isue?
Any time when I change geckoWebBrowser.Document.Body.InnerHtml java scrypt stop working
Even when I try to this
String tmp = geckoWebBrowser.Document.Body.InnerHtml;
geckoWebBrowser.Document.Body.InnerHtml = tmp ;
markovl 8-Jun-12 7:01am    
Nope, sorry.
Maybe it's best to take your question to the vendor of the control. I assume you're using GeckoFX's component? They'd be of better help.
ZaiDz 8-Jun-12 14:49pm    
Their forums aren't very active.
ZaiDz 8-Jun-12 6:40am    
If I save the code into an html file then write browser.Navigate(FILELOCATION) it works just fine

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