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Hi All,
my code is below: but i am getting error:"Failed to convert parameter value from a SqlParameter to DateTime".

Any suggestion plz will be appreciated.

DataTable dt = new DataTable();
            string spName = "spResult1";
            List<sqlparameter> paramlist=new List<sqlparameter>();
            paramlist.Add(new SqlParameter("@fromDate",obj.dateFrom));
            paramlist.Add(new SqlParameter("@toDate",obj.dateTo));

            DataSet ds = SqlHelper.ExecuteDataset(objconn._connectionString, spName, paramlist.ToArray());
            dt = ds.Tables[0];

        catch(Exception ex)
        return dt;</sqlparameter></sqlparameter>
Updated 11-May-12 4:34am
Maciej Los 11-May-12 10:45am    
You need to provide more details... like the body of stored procedure and the line in which error occurs.

There are two issues with your question;
1. obj.dateFrom and obj.dateTo, what do these return, a string or a DateTime object, if it returns a string the format can cause problems depending on the format dd/MM/yyyy vs MM/dd/yyyy you would be better off returning a DateTime instead of a string.
2. The SqlHelper class, how does this process DateTime objects?

In short when dealing with DateTime values either use an actual DateTime object as the parameter or if using a string use the dd MMM yyyy or yyyyMMdd formats so that you do not have to deal with ambiguous formats.
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khosnur 11-May-12 10:29am    
thanx for ur obj contains DateTime.i debug it what i am passing same datetime format i used in the stored procedure it returns the results.but when i run the program and inserting the date it throwing that Exception
If you have a look at the error, it says "Failed to convert parameter value from a SqlParameter to DateTime"

So somewhere you try to set a SqlParameter to a DateTime variable, not necessarily in the code you've posted.

If you debug, at what line the exception is thrown (remember to step into SqlHelper.ExecuteDataset when debugging)?
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khosnur 11-May-12 13:09pm    
Thank u very much to reply..Mika.
Wendelius 11-May-12 14:00pm    
You're welcome :)

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