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Hi guys,

I have developed in C# for a couple of years now, and wondering how I get started with using the combination af client apps (WPF/forms) and maps integrated inside (Bing maps, google maps etc.)??

- Do I need to find a WebService provider which can provide me with a WDSL link?
- Can I host the webservice on my own server?
- Does it need to be installed on clients?
- Or should I include it as a DLL libary on my apps??

I have searched around, but it can be a little hard to know where to start. Google Maps have a quiet good documentation, but most examples are in JSON or other web langauges, which I doesn't use in my situation since I'm developing client apps. Can any1 enlight me how I get a solid start with map integration?

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Rajesh Anuhya 27-Feb-12 6:30am    
Good links Varun, have +5
grmihel2 27-Feb-12 7:27am    
Thanks for your links.
But its kinda hard for me to relate the, AJAX, JS etc. examples to WPF programming, since the app structure is rather different, and I ain't that experienced in yet :(

Another thing is, that I can't figures how ( gets the
[code]protected GMap gMap;[/code]
reference? It ain't described if it is a imported DLL or a WebReference and so on, which is hard for me to figure out since I'm still this inexperienced in implementing services such as GMap.
I'm still missing the reference basics?

In my case I have a WPF solution where the map will be shown in a WebBrowser element.
Varun Sareen 27-Feb-12 8:26am    
ok dear will see into it; how more i can help you out.
In addition to varun answer, here is the playground for you, to play with google maps.[^]

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grmihel2 27-Feb-12 7:28am    
Thanks for the tip, I'm quiet sure it will be handy once I break the hard learning curve of getting started :)
Rajesh Anuhya 27-Feb-12 8:07am    
Accept/Vote my answer, if it's really helps you.

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