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Hi developers,

Please Help Me? This is what i need?

I wants to pass values to other application from my application.
On that i wants to retrive data from there!

A----> Other appliaction

B----> My own application

notepad data ---> to---> B(my application)------> to ----> A(other Application)

A(other Applicatio)-----> Retrive data----->B(My Application)----->Notepad(Fill Data)

Please help to resolve this and give idea to develop this also(Any Link is there it's Helpful to me)

There are some options to do this.
1) One could be to use sockets and TCP - An Introduction to Socket Programming in .NET using C#[^].
2) The other could be to use WCF inter process communication via named pipes[^].
3) Web services may be a bit of an overkill, but is an option none the less.
4) Message queueing is another mechanism that you could consider
5) .Net 2.0 and you could use Remoting.
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_Tushar Patil 29-Dec-11 8:55am    
Abhinav S 29-Dec-11 12:23pm    
visnumca123 29-Dec-11 8:57am    
is there any sample it will make me in a right way?
Vijay Kr Sharma 29-Dec-11 9:06am    
if you want sample from me write comment in my answer
thatraja 29-Dec-11 10:30am    
Right, 5!
Simple You Can Write the Value From Your Application "A" To A Text File/Data Table
And From Your Application "B" You Can Read This Value
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visnumca123 29-Dec-11 9:20am    
Thanks for your answer but my expectation is like automation process!
visnumca123 29-Dec-11 9:21am    
can you explain me how to do automation process like this kind of requirement!
Vijay Kr Sharma 29-Dec-11 9:22am    
then you have to use .net remoting
Vijay Kr Sharma 29-Dec-11 9:25am    
Follow this Link
You can also use memory mapped files to share data among different applications on the same machine. There are some nice articles on this site about this.
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