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I have a "complex" form where I once (probably a long time ago) must have dragged an older version of a Com Component onto.
It could be easy to have moved the Component behind one of the numerous panels on the form - making it "inaccessible" at this point ...
I have tried to move panels to the background and so on - but so fare without any success

I can see the link to it in the Module for the form,
Me.AxMintController1 = New AxMintControls5624Lib.AxMintController()

but I can not locate the actual Component on the Form Itself (I'd like to delete it :-))

Any suggestions ?
Is there some sort of a list view of all components that are on the form so I can select it ??
I'm using Studio 2010
Best regards

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This would haven been my next step - but I did run into some issues befor when doing so (We probabaly all have Smile | :)

I guess my next question would be :

What actually connects the "Grafical" portion of the COM Component to the Module entries ?? or is it the otherw ay around = The Module get's laoded first and the form is actaully just a grafical representation of the components in the Module ?? - It just seems there shoudl eb soemthing else thats connecting the two ..

Updated 21-Dec-11 16:14pm

If the component you dropped is supposed to show a UI on the form, you can easily find it by clicking once on the form, then in the drop down box at the top of the Properties window you can select your component, even if it's not visible on the form, and delete it by hitting the Del key.
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Georg Kohler 21-Dec-11 20:19pm    
Darn! I wish you would have posetd that 5 min ago :-) - I knew there was an easy way of doing this ....
just for everybodys entertainment - here is what I ended up doing ....

I changed the controls Tab Order to 0 in the VB / then by selecting tab order in the form I could actually locate the component on the form....(hidden under then main menue of course ).. changing the dock property for and back on the mnneubar eventually showed the component again ..

Thanks Anyway

I "love" you guys

You can remove it from the Designer.vb file. First in your solution explorer select "Show all files" and then open the forms Designer.vb. You can manually edit the control and the references to it.

Note: Since this is auto-generated file, it's a good idea to take a backup before you make any modifications

Also in better editions of VS than Express there's a tree like browser which you can use to see all UI elements. Can't right now remember the name of it but you can activate it under the View menu.
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Dalek Dave 21-Dec-11 18:04pm    
Spot on!
Wendelius 22-Dec-11 0:58am    
Thanks :)

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