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i'd like to create a view by "union selecting" a column with the same name in multiple tables and selecting from this view.
I used this tutorial [^] in different way's but it still don't work:

string selectCommandTemperature = "SELECT TOP " + countTempe + " [T/°C] FROM (CREATE VIEW temp AS (SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3B UNION SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3D))";

SqlCommand sqlCommandTemperature = new SqlCommand(selectCommandTemperature, sqlConnectionError);

SqlDataReader startPageTemperature = sqlCommandTemperature.ExecuteReader();

this construction cause an SqlException: wrong syntax near 'CREATE'

i'm a sql-noob and never worked with sql before so may you can help me.

create the view in your database. in your query call the view
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diialer 5-Aug-11 10:12am    
How can i create the view in the database?
(the database is far away (geographical) and i only've got permissions to select in 2 databases with about 1000 tables each)
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Aug-11 10:14am    
create a view is a sql command. when that is run the view is created and can be used:
diialer 5-Aug-11 10:32am    
just got the rights to create and delete views...
It doesn't like the fact that you're trying to Create a view, while trying to read from it at the same time. Mine also returns
'CREATE VIEW' must be the first statement in a query batch

As digimanus suggests, first create the view, then try to query data from it.

string selectCommandTemperature = "SELECT TOP " + countTempe + " [T/°C] FROM (SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3B
SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3D) as t";
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diialer 5-Aug-11 10:24am    
already tried this
string selectCommandTemperature = "CREATE VIEW temp AS (SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3B UNION SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3D); SELECT TOP " + countTempe + " [T/°C] FROM temp";
also doesn't work...
UJimbo 5-Aug-11 10:37am    
Try the above as well if you don't want to query without creating a View
diialer 5-Aug-11 10:40am    
no the problem was that i'd no permissions to create views -.-
work with the solution to create a view and select from the view now...
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Aug-11 10:31am    
try string selectCommandTemperature = "CREATE VIEW temp AS (SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3B UNION SELECT [T/°C] FROM Q3D); "
later you can use the view in the query like SELECT TOP 10 * FROM temp

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