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I have a status bar in my MDI Form.

Inside Status Bar I have 3 Toolstrip status label for (CAPS Lock, Scroll Lock and NUM Lock).

I have some other Information in the left hand side like login user.

I want to place them in the right side of the status bar.

Can anybody help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks and Regards
Asutosha Sarangi
Updated 6-Sep-22 11:20am

How do I right align controls in a StatusStrip?

Example, a StatusStrip with 4 items: toolStripStatusLabel1,toolStripStatusLabel2,toolStripStatusLabel3,toolStripStatusLabel4

Set toolStripStatusLabel2 with blank Text and on page load, set:
toolStripStatusLabel2.Spring = true;

toolStripStatusLabel1 will stay on the left side, while toolStripStatusLabel3,toolStripStatusLabel4 move to the right side.
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Asutosha 5-Aug-11 6:33am    
I Want all should come in left align only these 3 should come right align.

If am doing "RightToLeft" property then all are align to right to left.
UJimbo 5-Aug-11 7:01am    
Updated solution
Alchemist2889 18-May-12 2:47am    
THANKS UJIMBO..for making life easy
StatusStrip.RightToLeft = Yes

StatusStrip is the ID of Status bar
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UJimbo 5-Aug-11 3:29am    
Nice timing :)
2 Solutions:
Solution 1: Like mentioned above, with a Status Strip with LayoutStyle set to Table (default), use a status strip element Spring property set to True to "expand" and push the subsequent elements to the right.
Solution 2: Change Status Strip LayoutStyle to StackWithOverflow, then use the Alignment property of each element to determine if it's on the Right or Left.
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