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can we access dynamically created controls globally.
for eg:
class Dynamiccontrols
  void create()
label lbl=new label();
textbox txt=new textbox();
void access()
// can we access above label and text here.
// or in any other class
lbl.Content="Name"; // like this


if we create a control at Xaml(designtime) we can use it in through out the class.
How can we do that for controls crested from code.
Updated 29-Jul-11 1:56am

Using your example, you should call RegisterName for every dynamically created control:

label lbl = new label();
lbl.Name = "ExampleLabel";

RegisterName("ExampleLabel", lbl);

You can then try to locate your control like this:

object j = this.FindName("ExampleLabel");

if (j.GetType() == typeof(Label))
   string s = ((Label)j).Name;

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VK k 1-Aug-11 2:59am    
its working.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Aug-11 4:00am    
Why register a name? Also, there is no such thing as a non-dynamic control.
UJimbo 2-Aug-11 9:46am    
I apologize for the late reply. Dynamic control might not be the correct way to describe a programmatically added control; I blame the fact English is not my native language.
As for calling RegisterName, my method to approach this question uses FindName to locate an object. During some fast testing, I could not discover such a created control without doing the above.
I find the VisualTreeHelper class[^] very useful to get children inside a parent control (dynamic or otherwise).
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Aug-11 3:59am    
Useful class, but how is it relevant? Do I miss something? Also, there is no such thing as not dynamic control (please see my answer).
Just a note: In essence, there is no such thing as non-dynamic control. All control instances are created during run time, always. The fact that a control is declared in XAML does not change this. XAML is merely used as a data source for setting up a window. All controls are created and added during run time anyway. This is nothing which could be considered as "more dynamic" as that.

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