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Hi As I'm newbie in SQL server please let me know the use of joins in real
Time scenario with a simple example which explains the advantage of using joins

Have a look here: sql_join[^]
It is more than real time scenario.
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Basicaly the idea is that joins are used to link two ore more tables together so that the query will return correctly (typically) master-detail data.

Few basics:
- Join Fundamentals[^]
- Using Joins[^]
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siva455 16-Mar-11 13:51pm    
As I already requested Pls give me a sample with real time scenario
Wendelius 16-Mar-11 13:55pm    
The links contained few samples how to use joins, but perhaps this explains it more thoroughly:
siva455 16-Mar-11 13:52pm    
Provided 2 links were locating to same url
Wendelius 16-Mar-11 13:58pm    
Sorry, simple paste error. Corrected.

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