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I am facing a Load Report Failed exception when running a crystal report through VS 2005 web application.

This works fine from the local system but occurs when running from server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Updated 7-Jan-11 1:07am

1 solution

Try google ("crystal reports load report failed"). You'll get 56 THOUSAND hits. Surely, one of them will give you a solution. We can't because we don't know the exact nature of your code - only you know that.

EDIT ===========

Why did you 1-vote this? Because I didn't have a precise answer? I don't have time to research this crap for you. Google produces thousands of links with a possible answer for you. It's not my fault you're too damn lazy to look through the returned results. Chances are you could have found an answer in less time than it took to come back here and 1-vote my answer.

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fjdiewornncalwe 7-Jan-11 10:36am    
+5 from me. The answer is entirely correct and appropriate based on the ambiguity of the question. (Now slowly remove your finger from the trigger...)
Nuri Ismail 7-Jan-11 10:44am    
+5 I just don't understand why this answer is downvoted. This is a very good answer for this ambiguous/not specific/lazy question.
thatraja 7-Jan-11 21:40pm    
Yep, It's an enough answer to the question. 5!
Neh.C 10-Jan-11 2:50am    
Well I did look it up on Google and tried various options before I posted this question here.. just that my issue was not resolved.. <br>

I thought I could use some expert help.. I am a newbie and not an ace like u guys.. all I did was ask for help.. U guys have time to write a monologue but not to offer help.. <br>

Well if u don't wanna answer a question just ignore it maybe some one else will help!!

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