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1.- I am looking for some example of multilanguage application in C#. I'm not talking about entering the text of each language by hand.

2.- In WPF I have several ComboBox linked to a table in a Sql Server database. How can I translate the texts retrieved from the database into the active language? I do not want to add in each table a text field for each language.

What I have tried:

What have you tried?
What have you tried?
Updated 17-Aug-18 23:05pm

1 solution

Multi-Language support in C# is controlled by the following 2 properties:


which you can either query or set at runtime:

Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo(options.LanguageSelected);
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo(options.LanguageSelected);

Reference: Edi/App.xaml.cs at master · Dirkster99/Edi · GitHub[^]

The referenced project uses this information to find the right *.resx file for the best language match a user might be looking for.

How you use this in a database table is completely up to you and depends and the other all structure (about which you are telling nothing so I am left to guessing). But simply put, if you jsut want to retrieve strings from a table, why not having a table with strings like this:

Create Table MyStrings
  id       int          not null,
  mystring varchar(255) not null,
  langid   int          not null

where the langid identifies the language of a given string and the id itself should be unique to identify each string - you can then use this structure to find strings you have not translated, yet, or determine if there is a translation at all.

You should of course always have all required strings available in a base language (eg. English) at the very least. The best way of ensuring this might be unit testing against it...
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[no name] 18-Aug-18 5:13am    
What I want to say is that in the end you have to introduce the texts by hand and that is what I do not want to do.
Dirk Bahle 18-Aug-18 8:55am    
OK. You want to follow a process and you should have a tool that supports your process. In my case, I've been using a tool to translate fomr a base language into any other language

The tool consumed resx files and produced matching resx files based on a language translation service. It was free and easily to use until Microsoft required the use of a credit card - that said, its still free but I have to up date for the new API before it will work again.

You could use a similair file based approach (resx, csv, xml), because most translators won't be able to deal with your database directly and you probably want to limit access anyway.
[no name] 18-Aug-18 10:37am    
Programs that are Multilanguage, how do they do it? Do they employ dozens of translators? I thought there was some use like connecting to Google translator.
Dirk Bahle 18-Aug-18 11:59am    
Yes, software companies usually buy the service from a translation agency to translate from English to Chinese, English to German and so forth, open source works similar but usually without the money aspect.

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