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Hello everyone,
I have to read nested xml and save into db but the problem is the xml is nested and have to save in single table when i read it with dataset.readxml() method it returns multiple tables but i single table is there any way to do this? i want result like

author | contact | book | Price
test |155335852| abc | 152
test |155335852| xyz | 1523

sample xml


Note: the xml is dynamic and required tags will come from pre defined tags in database.
and want to save this kind of nested xml in single table so i just want the solution for read xml in single datatable or list of objects.

What I have tried:

i have tried DataSet.ReadXml(); but it returns multiple table and due to dynamic xml i cannot join them on runtime.
Updated 14-May-18 20:49pm

1 solution

You can do this in a variety of ways in C# but you probably want to implement IXmlSerializable on each object:

public interface IXmlSerializable
  XmlSchema GetSchema ();
  void ReadXml ( XmlReader reader );
  void WriteXml ( XmlWriter writer );

...and cascade the process from root to bottom. Implementing the interface gives you a very fine grained way of controlling/debugging the process. You can either use:

- XMLSerializer or (this is the prefered and better tool)
- DataContractSerializer

The code for this is too involved to post it here. But you should look for solutions that serialize tree or multi tree (graph) structures and you should find a few samples that give you a more detailed idea on this one.
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Dirk Bahle 15-May-18 3:22am    
DataContractSerializer is the better solution since its much newer etc... (just to be clear)
abid zahid 15-May-18 4:01am    
thanks for the help if you can give some code example it would be more appreciable.

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