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My friend is sitting next to me playing a game called Terraria, and while it is 2D the graphics are quite advanced.

So my question is this: If I wanted to make a similar game, 2D with complicated graphics that involve shadows and light sources and translucency and so forth, would GDI (which I master quite well) be sufficient in your opinion, or would I need to pull out the big guns like OpenGL (which I know the basics of but not much more)? I have successfully mimicked many of the aforementioned effects successfully in the past using GDI.

What do you think the early Mario games were made in? I mean library-wise, not which language, it's gonna be C++.

Thank you in advance

What I have tried:

I have tried figuring out myself which would do the trick and what would be necessary, but I found it would make sense to get other people's input on the matter.
Updated 15-Jun-16 23:58pm

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well gdi will be slower than opengl, because it s only software rendering.

In my opinion... you should use SDL if you want to make your own 2d engine... but you can find actualy 2d engine already made and "just" code the game..... making a 2d engine is already a pretty dawn task...
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deXo-fan 16-Jun-16 9:54am    
I'm looking at SDL right now. Thanks!

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