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Use "dynamic" to make PInvoke simple

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24 Apr 2010CPOL 16.3K   3   1

Use the "dynamic" key word in C# 4.0 to make PInvoke simple.
The method is introduced by Miguel de Icaza in his web blog, in the article "C#'s Dynamic in Mono". and zhongzf has some changes, added support with "return value" and "ref, out parameter".
All the source code is check in on

Using the code

dynamic user32 = new DynamicDllImport("user32.dll", callingConvention : CallingConvention.Winapi);
user32.MessageBox(0, "Hello World", "Platform Invoke Sample", 0); 

with return value.

dynamic asmproject = new DynamicDllImport("asmproject.dll");
int value = asmproject.add<int>(3, 4);

with ref, out parameter.

dynamic sdl = new DynamicDllImport("SDL.dll", CharSet.Ansi);
Sdl.SDL_Rect rect = new Sdl.SDL_Rect(
int result = sdl.SDL_FillRect<int>(rgbSurfacePtr, ref rect, 0);

Sdl.SDL_Event evt;
while (sdl.SDL_WaitEvent(out evt) != 0)
   if (evt.type == Sdl.SDL_QUIT)


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GeneralGood! Pin
Shawn-USA2-May-13 20:14
Shawn-USA2-May-13 20:14 
Hi, Zhongzf,

The dynamic pinvoke uses DefinePInvokeMethod method to define pinvoke signature. Defining a Calli call is also one of the new ways to achieve PInvoke. You will be fine to call most of your native methods using either DefinePInvokeMethod or calli , but they did not work for all of the methods I tried.

Explict P/Invoke is still the best way to call native method.

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