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Posted 9 Feb 2010

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The best way to remember design patterns

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3 Apr 2011CPOL1 min read
The best way to remember design patterns

There are three basic classifications of patterns: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral patterns.

Creational Patterns

  • Abstract Factory: Creates an instance of several families of classes
  • Builder: Separates object construction from its representation
  • Factory Method: Creates an instance of several derived classes
  • Prototype: A fully initialized instance to be copied or cloned
  • Singleton: A class in which only a single instance can exist

Note: The best way to remember Creational Pattern is by remembering ABFPS (Abraham Became First President of States).

Structural Patterns

  • Adapter: Match interfaces of different classes
  • Bridge: Separates an object’s abstraction from its implementation
  • Composite: A tree structure of simple and composite objects
  • Decorator: Add responsibilities to objects dynamically
  • Façade: A single class that represents an entire subsystem
  • Flyweight: A fine-grained instance used for efficient sharing
  • Proxy: An object representing another object

Note: To remember Structural Pattern best is (ABCDFFP)

Behavioral Patterns

  • Mediator: Defines simplified communication between classes
  • Memento: Capture and restore an object's internal state
  • Interpreter: A way to include language elements in a program
  • Iterator: Sequentially access the elements of a collection
  • Chain of Resp: A way of passing a request between a chain of objects
  • Command: Encapsulate a command request as an object
  • State: Alter an object's behavior when its state changes
  • Strategy: Encapsulates an algorithm inside a class
  • Observer: A way of notifying change to a number of classes
  • Template Method: Defer the exact steps of an algorithm to a subclass
  • Visitor: Defines a new operation to a class without change

Note: Just remember Behavioral Pattern Music....... 2 MICS On TV (MMIICCSSOTV).


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