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Posted 27 Mar 2012

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Special Character # in URL Query String

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27 Mar 2012CPOL
Special Character # in URL Query String creates problem

Normally special characters ‘ and “ will cause issues when passed in a URL during submit. For example,’Ch"aracters; 

The URL will be cut and only the values "" will be taken. 

But # also creates an issue. How does it actually create a problem? By URL specifications, "#" is a reference to the start of the current document.

For example, an author might create a table of contents whose entries link to header elements H2, H3, etc., in the same document. Using the A element to create destination anchors, we would write:

<H1>Table of Contents</H1>
<P><A href= "#section1" >Introduction</A><BR>
<A href="#section2" >Block 1</A><BR>
...the document body...
<H2><A name="section1" >Introduction</A></H2>
...section 1… 
<H2><A name="section2" >Bloxk 1</A></H2>

...section 1...

Thus, the character "#" should be excluded in that are passed in the URL because it is used to delimit a URI from a fragment identifier in URI. If we pass a field with ‘#’, the fields that are sent in the URL after the field with ‘ # ‘ will be set to null.

Here ID will become 1 and comments will become null.

Hope this helps!


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QuestionHow to pass special character in query string. Pin
Member 1398146125-May-20 22:10
Member 1398146125-May-20 22:10 
QuestionQuestion Pin
Laserson27-Mar-12 17:18
Laserson27-Mar-12 17:18 
What is the reason of using such special characters in the URL? (except of anchors)

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