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Counting lines in a string

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28 Feb 2012CPOL 17.9K   6
Great analysis!I found out that Regex can be accelerated by a factor of about two.Instead of new Regex(@"\n", RegexOptions.Compiled|RegexOptions.Multiline);you can speed up by using:new Regex(@"^.*?$", RegexOptions.Compiled|RegexOptions.Multiline);But admittedly, nothing beats...
Great analysis!

I found out that Regex can be accelerated by a factor of about two.

Instead of
new Regex(@"\n", RegexOptions.Compiled|RegexOptions.Multiline);

you can speed up by using:
new Regex(@"^.*?$", RegexOptions.Compiled|RegexOptions.Multiline);

But admittedly, nothing beats the native methods (IndexOf).

My statement above is wrong: I did compare "$" (and not "\n") against "^.*?".
The measurments show that "\n" is the fastest of all Regex matches, while "$" is the slowest (5 times slower than "\n"...!).
That's a real surprise to me.

The comparison:

Regex Match[ms] for 2.500.000 linesRegexOptions

As a comparison: IndexOf('\n') only takes 237 [ms].



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