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Disable right click context menu cut, copy, paste

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5 Aug 2011CPOL 41.8K   9   7
<script type="text/javascript">
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false");


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Software Developer Vbsoft India Ltd
India India
Working as Software Developer with 2 year exp.

Comments and Discussions

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Jαved13-Jan-12 3:39
professionalJαved13-Jan-12 3:39 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 Easily defeated by disabling js. Ver... Pin
MadMyche25-Nov-11 9:13
professionalMadMyche25-Nov-11 9:13 
GeneralWould like to comment that any method of prevention is entir... Pin
Ed Nutting24-Nov-11 20:18
Ed Nutting24-Nov-11 20:18 
Generallots of thanks to you for the article as it solved my great ... Pin
Denno.Secqtinstien18-Nov-11 0:02
Denno.Secqtinstien18-Nov-11 0:02 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 nice very nice super duper hit code ... Pin
Denno.Secqtinstien17-Nov-11 23:52
Denno.Secqtinstien17-Nov-11 23:52 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 This is very useful code. Now i am e... Pin
ganpati19-Aug-11 2:48
ganpati19-Aug-11 2:48 
GeneralReason for my vote of 3 nowdays nobody uses new Function yo... Pin
GottZ8-Aug-11 21:04
GottZ8-Aug-11 21:04 

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