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Posted 10 Jul 2011

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Is operator working simulation

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10 Jul 2011CPOL
A simulation of the IS operator working in C#.

This tip shows the simulation of the IS operator working in C#. It isn't an exact replica but instead if IS operator wasn't supported, how else we could produce it.

bool IsOperatorCheck(object arg1, object arg2)
    bool result;
    if (arg1.GetType().IsValueType && arg2.GetType().IsValueType)
        result = (arg1.GetType() == arg2.GetType());
        result = (arg1.GetType().Equals(arg2.GetType()));
    return result;

My guru Jon Skeet says here[^] when to use == and Equals.

Hence in the above code, I have used == for valuetypes and if either of them isn't a valuetype, I am using Equals.

I have tested with valuetypes as well as custom reference type inputs.

P.S: I hope it helps in some way, and I am open for suggestions/learning. Thanks.


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zenwalker198518-Jul-11 18:54 
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Jakub Januszkiewicz19-Jul-11 9:48
Jakub Januszkiewicz19-Jul-11 9:48 
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Jakub Januszkiewicz18-Jul-11 12:00
Jakub Januszkiewicz18-Jul-11 12:00 

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