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Posted 31 Jan 2011

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How do I make GSOAP support Unicode?

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3 Feb 2011CPOL1 min read
How do I make GSOAP support Unicode?
It's my first tip and trick, so please analyse it and give your suggestions.

The gSOAP is an open source toolkit for SOAP/XML Web services. It is available at the link below:
GSoap 2.8.0 ->[^]

Using gSOAP, we can easily develop the SOAP and XML Web services in C/C++. We can use it to automatically convert XML to/from C and C++ data.

GSoap does not support Unicode, this trick is helpful to make gSoap client that support Unicode data.

Steps to create gsoap client that supports unicode
1) Open command prompt.

2) Set the path of gsoap win32 folder.
cd PATH_OF_GSOAP_FOLDER\gsoap_2.8.0\gsoap-2.8\gsoap\bin\win32

3) Generate header file using wsdl2h.exe.

Note: If proxy is enabled, than only use -r

4) Add code in OUTPUT_FILE_NAME.h file:
class xsd__wstring : public xsd__anyType
{ public:
    std::wstring                          __item;

5) Update variable which you want to update on your code with std::string to std::wstring.

6) Now create client using this command:
soapcpp2.exe -I "gsoap2.8\import" -1 GSOAPCLIENT.h

7) After executing this line, a number of files are generated. These are:

a) SoapC.cpp
b) SoapH.h
c) soapClient.cpp
d) soapStub.h
e) .nsmap and .h file with same name
f) soapServer.cpp

Add these file to your source code.

Now you can send and receive Unicode data also using gSoap.

Thanks :rose:


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dental-soft.ru21-Oct-17 12:48
Memberdental-soft.ru21-Oct-17 12:48 
AnswerWorks, but solution is different than explained Pin
Robert van Engelen29-Jun-16 11:19
MemberRobert van Engelen29-Jun-16 11:19 
GeneralIt didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
ondera2-Aug-13 14:59
Memberondera2-Aug-13 14:59 
GeneralRe: It didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
aomelche10-Jun-16 8:38
Memberaomelche10-Jun-16 8:38 
GeneralRe: It didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
jazbora21-Jun-16 23:01
Memberjazbora21-Jun-16 23:01 
GeneralRe: It didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
aomelche22-Jun-16 16:49
Memberaomelche22-Jun-16 16:49 
GeneralRe: It didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
jazbora22-Jun-16 22:24
Memberjazbora22-Jun-16 22:24 
GeneralRe: It didnt work (2.8.15) Pin
aomelche23-Jun-16 18:01
Memberaomelche23-Jun-16 18:01 
GeneralDosnt seems to work with 2.8.6... Pin
Greg9718-Dec-11 21:11
MemberGreg9718-Dec-11 21:11 
GeneralRe: Dosnt seems to work with 2.8.6... Pin
Alex (Swiftify)21-Mar-12 2:30
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Dr.Luiji10-Sep-11 12:55
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Indivara30-Jan-11 21:42
professionalIndivara30-Jan-11 21:42 
GeneralThanks ! Pin
Alexandre GRANVAUD19-May-11 3:57
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GeneralRe: Thanks ! Pin
ShilpiP19-May-11 4:01
MemberShilpiP19-May-11 4:01 
GeneralRe: Thanks ! Pin
Greg9718-Dec-11 21:03
MemberGreg9718-Dec-11 21:03 
GeneralRe: Thanks ! Pin
jazbora22-Jun-16 0:36
Memberjazbora22-Jun-16 0:36 

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