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Posted 22 Nov 2015


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How to Write Good Code

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22 Nov 2015CPOL1 min read
Each function should answer "how-what-why."

My first tip!

This is not a long tome on software architecture.  This is simply about how do to write good code. Code consists of functions, and this is what a function should look like (using C# style as an example):

// A comment describing why the function exists
void WhatTheFunctionDoes()
  ... how the function does what it says it does.

That's it! If you follow the "why-what-how" approach, the quality of your code will start to improve! Here's a real life example:

/// <summary>
/// The user can get an instance of a service implementing 
/// the specified interface, but only if the service is 
/// registered as supporting instance creation.
/// </summary>
public virtual T GetInstance<T>()
  where T : IService
  IService instance = CreateInstance<T>();

  return (T)instance;
  1. The "why" is clear -- we're supporting a need the programmer will have for creating service instances.
  2. The "what" is clear -- the function returns an instance of the specified generic type T.
  3. The "how" is clear -- there are four function calls that describe how this function works.

Here's a simple guideline for figuring out when to break a function apart into smaller functions:  

If your function has "how" fragments that would benefit from "how", "what" or "why" comments, then this is great indicator that you should move those fragment into separate functions where the the function name describes "what" and embodies "how."  In other words, when you could write a comment in the body of the code that answers one of those questions, you need to move that code into a function that answers the "what".

Recurse that process until the function's name answers "what" and the body of the function clearly describes "how", then for each function you created, write an intelligent "why" comment.

Now go forth and code better!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Marc Clifton
Architect Interacx
United States United States
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All my life I have been passionate about architecture / software design, as this is the cornerstone to a maintainable and extensible application. As such, I have enjoyed exploring some crazy ideas and discovering that they are not so crazy after all. I also love writing about my ideas and seeing the community response. As a consultant, I've enjoyed working in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, boatyard management, remote sensing, emergency services / data management, and casino operations. I've done a variety of pro-bono work non-profit organizations related to nature conservancy, drug recovery and women's health.

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Mr.PoorEnglish14-Jan-16 2:16
MemberMr.PoorEnglish14-Jan-16 2:16 
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flyingxu10-Dec-15 15:01
Memberflyingxu10-Dec-15 15:01 
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Joseph Webster, CISSP2-Dec-15 12:49
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Marc Clifton3-Dec-15 4:09
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wraithnath26-Nov-15 4:29
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Member 466290325-Nov-15 21:50
professionalMember 466290325-Nov-15 21:50 
QuestionWriting good functions Pin
Member-243269624-Nov-15 4:11
MemberMember-243269624-Nov-15 4:11 
Question"wherefore", "what", "how", "why so and not otherwise" are four questions to any function (class/method/module) before its creation. Pin
DimaZavr23-Nov-15 6:45
MemberDimaZavr23-Nov-15 6:45 
AnswerRe: "wherefore", "what", "how", "why so and not otherwise" are four questions to any function (class/method/module) before its creation. Pin
flyingxu10-Dec-15 15:04
Memberflyingxu10-Dec-15 15:04 
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KhabirSoft23-Nov-15 6:28
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Santhakumar M23-Nov-15 4:08
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Liju Sankar22-Nov-15 19:01
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wvdhouten22-Nov-15 14:00
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GeneralRe: Nitpicky, but... Pin
Marc Clifton23-Nov-15 4:47
mvaMarc Clifton23-Nov-15 4:47 
GeneralRe: Nitpicky, but... Pin
wvdhouten23-Nov-15 5:03
Memberwvdhouten23-Nov-15 5:03 
GeneralRe: Nitpicky, but... Pin
wvdhouten23-Nov-15 5:07
Memberwvdhouten23-Nov-15 5:07 
GeneralRe: Nitpicky, but... Pin
Yusuf23-Nov-15 6:36
MemberYusuf23-Nov-15 6:36 
Agree. That is the first though that came to my mind. The rest is perfect! Thumbs Up | :thumbsup: Thumbs Up | :thumbsup:

PraiseMy vote of 5 Pin
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan22-Nov-15 10:01
mveAfzaal Ahmad Zeeshan22-Nov-15 10:01 

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