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Posted 5 Nov 2013

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Your Development Tools

4 Aug 2017CPOL2 min read
A list of useful development tools edited by members of CodeProject


Even Chris created his article of Useful Reference Books ages ago I just bumped into it, and after adding my bit I thought to do something similar in the field of development tools.

So feel free and add tools you found useful in your career - and check back to see what others are using.

No spam, no advertising, no commercial stuff. Feel free to add closed-source Tools, as long as they are available for free.


Code Editors

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Web Servers

Version Control

Real Time Application Info

.NET (Sub) Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks


Regular Expressions

Diagramming Tools



Online Playgrounds

LINQ Tools

Front-end Frameworks

Disassemblers / decompilers / inspectors


SQL databases

NOSQL databases


Document store

Database related tools

Continuous build process / Build tools


Continuous Integration


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Authors

Europe Europe
Biography provided

Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
Software Developer (Senior)
Israel Israel
Born in Hungary, got my first computer at age 12 (C64 with tape and joystick). Also got a book with it about 6502 assembly, that on its back has a motto, said 'Try yourself!'. I believe this is my beginning...

Started to learn - formally - in connection to mathematics an physics, by writing basic and assembly programs demoing theorems and experiments.

After moving to Israel learned two years in college and got a software engineering degree, I still have somewhere...

Since 1997 I do development for living. I used 286 assembly, COBOL, C/C++, Magic, Pascal, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C# and some more buzzes.

Since 2005 I have to find spare time after kids go bed, which means can't sleep to much, but much happier this way...

Free tools I've created for you...

Thomas Daniels
Belgium Belgium
Also known as ProgramFOX. I like programming, playing chess and astronomy. Administrator of Chess Variants Training[^].

Find me on:

Web Developer
United States United States

Around 10 years of professional software development experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of enterprise web applications for healthcare domain with good exposure to object-oriented design, software architectures, design patterns, test-driven development and agile practices.

In Brief

Analyse and create High Level , Detailed Design documents.
Use UML Modelling and create Use Cases , Class Diagram , Component Model , Deployment Diagram, Sequence Diagram in HLD.

Area of Working : Dedicated to Microsoft .NET Technologies
Experience with : C# , J2EE , J2ME, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store App
Proficient in: C# , XML , XHTML, XML, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, SQL, LINQ, EF

Software Development

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro
Development Frameworks: Microsoft .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.5
UI: Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC3, MVC4
Coding: WinForm , Web Development, Windows Phone, WinRT Programming, WCF, WebAPI

Healthcare Domain Experience

CCD, CCR, QRDA, HIE, HL7 V3, Healthcare Interoperability


B.E (Computer Science)

CodeProject Contest So Far:

1. Windows Azure Developer Contest - HealthReunion - A Windows Azure based healthcare product , link -

2. DnB Developer Contest - DNB Business Lookup and Analytics , link -

3. Intel Ultrabook Contest - Journey from development, code signing to publishing my App to Intel AppUp , link -

4. Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 - eHealthCare

5. Grand Prize Winner of CodeProject HTML5 &CSS3 Article Contest 2014

6. Grand Prize Winner of CodeProject Android Article Contest 2014

7. Grand Prize Winner of IOT on Azure Contest 2015

Marco Bertschi
Software Developer
Switzerland Switzerland
I'm a young Software Engineer. Whilst I may accept a 'status quo' as given, it's my responsibility to improve it as soon as the opportunity arises.
Very familiar with the .Net framework since it has been the underlying foundation for most of my professional work so far. I'm that kind of guy who gets stuff done, while I may also improve the way things work whilst I'm at it. Generally can get along well with most people I meet as a professional.
Fervent volunteer firefigter, captain-ranked air force militia spec officer.
Great friend and generally nice to have me around - For a talk, a beer, or a bonfire (I might as well do all of those things combined). Oh, and I really love music - Rock & country that is, mostly.

Sampath Lokuge
Software Developer (Senior) Freelancer
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Sampath Lokuge holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

He possesses over 8 years of experience in constructing web applications using Microsoft Technologies including MVC, C#, SQL Server, Web API, Entity Framework and also other web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3,jQuery and AngularJS.

Sampath has earned Microsoft certifications such as MCP, MCAD, MCSD and MCTS and very recently he has completed MS (Microsoft Specialist) for MVC 4 and MCSD (Windows Store Apps Using HTML5).

Besides that, he is an active blogger, writing about web and mobile development issues and promoting best practices.He also actively participates in online communities such as Code Project and StackOverflow.He himself is handling three communities, which are MVC 5 With C# on Linkedin,Entity Framework 6 on G+ and Hybrid Mobile App with WinJS on Facebook.

Now, I am a 100% Freelancer. Smile | :)

Tech Blogs

Sampath Lokuge Tech Universe

Communities which I'm Handling :

Entity Framework 6 MVC 5 With C#

Hybrid Mobile App with WinJS

Sam Varadarajan
Software Developer (Senior) City of Los Angeles
United States United States
Originally a Physics major, fell in love with Microprocessors and switched to Computer Science 20+ years ago. Since then, dabbled in various languages including, PowerBuilder, Oracle, Java, C, C++, Perl, Python etc. Constantly striving for quality and performance too.

I try to help fellow developers with technology as a way of "giving back to the community". Blogging became a natural extension of that effort. Still learning to perfect that art. If one new programmer out there benefits from this blog, my time and effort are fully worth it.

The underlying theme in my blogs is power and beauty of programming (and technology in general). A well written program gives me the sense of awe you get when you look at a man made wonder like Angkor Wat. You experience poetry, art, mystique, power all at once. A program and the troubleshooting that ensues also gives you a feeling you get while reading a mystery novel!

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