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Posted 17 Jun 2013


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Regex Quick Reference

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25 Jun 2013CPOL1 min read
A convenient Regex overview.

Characters - single character of a certain type


word character


non-word character










carriage return


line feed






character by hex value



Quantifiers - specify number of times to match


zero or one


n times


zero or more


n or more times


one or more

{n[4], m}

n to m times

Ranges - specify a range of accepted values

[ abc ]

a,b, or c

[^ abc ]

not a,b, or c


a, c, or anything in between


either a or c

Anchors - specify a certain position to match


word boundary


not word boundary


start of word


end of word


start of line


end of line

Assertions - match a pattern without consuming


positive look-ahead


negative look-ahead


positive look-behind


negative look-behind

Groups - multiple characters grouped together


group with back-reference


group with named back-reference


refer to a back-referenced group


group without back-reference

Modifiers - specify how the regex engine searches


case insensitive


case sensitive


dot matches newline


dot does not match newline


ignore pattern spacing


  • [1] a specific character’s hexadecimal value
  • [2] an integer greater than 0
  • [3] an integer greater than or equal to 0
  • [4] an integer greater than or equal to 0
  • [5] a RegEx pattern
  • [6] the index of a group in a RegEx pattern
  • [7] the index of a group in a RegEx pattern


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Prasad Khandekar25-Jun-13 21:54
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