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Posted 16 Feb 2015

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The Compression API: It was about time

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16 Feb 2015CPOL1 min read
The ability to compress/decompress data in Win32


I guess it is too late, but they finally put it. A compression/decompression api in windows which is easy to use. And, with my class, even easier.


The API is a simple set of functions that allow compression or decompression of data.  Windows supports a number of algorithms ( which we can select in our constructor. Windows also supports block-mode, if you want to control the compressor, which is not a feature in our quick class.

Because the API exists only in Windows 8, all our class calls are dynamic (incidentally, the call uses the template from my One-Line call article) . You can check the static member COMPRESSIONAPI::Available() to see if the API is available.  If the API is not available, constructing the object will throw.

Using the code


    if (!COMPRESSIONAPI::Available())
        BlowThisPC(); // :)
    vector<char> x;
    strcpy_s(,10000,"Hello there");
    vector<char> rs;

    vector<char> rs2;



Easy. You have the constructor (which specifies the compression algorithm, in this case COMPRESS_ALGORITHM_LZMS.  Then you have 2 member functions, Compress and Decompress. Both take the buffer to work on, it's size, and a vector<char> to put the result. They return S_OK on success and E_FAIL on error.

Internally, my class tests the API in order to find out the exact size neeeded for the buffer. 


16 - 2 - 2015 : First Release


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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GeneralRe: My vote of 3 Pin
Cristian Amarie15-May-18 11:56
Cristian Amarie15-May-18 11:56 
CreateCompressor function (Windows)
"Compressapi.h on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012"

How this existed for decades? Maybe undocumented.

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