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Posted 6 May 2014

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Raspberry Pi HD surveillance camera with motion and Dropbox

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8 May 2014CPOL4 min read
This is an alternative for "Raspberry Pi HD surveillance camera with motion, night settings and a website"


I wanted to build a surveillance camera pointing out of my house windows, using a Raspberry Pi.

I was inspired to build on top of d0fl's implementation.

What I wanted to improve on specifically is the captured image management. d0fl's solution stores each captured image on the SD card itself, and runs a web server to show the last 6 images.

I wanted to solve for the case where the Raspberry Pi gets disconnected or stolen along with the memory card where the images are getting stored, and I wanted the ability to see more than just the last 6 images. Enter Dropbox!


My solution has the following additional functionality:

  • Wake up every 1 minute (via a cron job)
  • Enumerate all the files that have been captured since the last run (
  • Upload them to dropbox (
  • Move the uploaded ones to a local backup folder, if the upload was successful. (
  • Purge old file from by the /picam folder if we're running out of disk space (a modified that also looks in the backups directory)

The Implementation Details

If you're starting from a brand new Raspberry Pi

  • Connect the camera module. On the Raspberry Pi B-mode, use the black connector right next to the Ethernet port. The metals pins of the cable should be facing away from the Ethernet port. If in doubt, watch this video.
  • I started with a new Raspbian installation (NOOBS) and found that running "sudo apt-get update" at this point to update my package references avoids running into problems installing certain packages in later steps.
  • Run raspi-config, and enable the Pi camera. You'll have to reboot after that.

Enable the camera in Raspi-config

Detecting and capturing motion:

  • d0fl did a great job describing how to install Follow his instructions for that.
  • Run picam (python, and play with the configuration values until you get one that works for your setup. Here are the settings that worked best for me for daytime detection:
threshold = 40 # default value was 10
sensitivity = 500 # default value was 20
forceCapture = True
forceCaptureTime = 60 * 60 # Once an hour
filepath = "/home/pi/picam"
filenamePrefix = "capture"
diskSpaceToReserve = 40 * 1024 * 1024 # Keep 40 mb free on disk
cameraSettings = "-vf -hf" # to ensure the correct orientation of the camera. also deletes the old image captures , you need to modify the following section to delete the captures from the backups folder that will be created later. Modify the following part in

# Keep free space above given level
def keepDiskSpaceFree(bytesToReserve): 

    if (getFreeSpace() < bytesToReserve):
        for filename in sorted(os.listdir(filepath + "backups/")):
            if filename.startswith(filenamePrefix) and filename.endswith(".jpg"):
                os.remove(filepath + "/" + filename)
                print "Deleted %s/%s to avoid filling disk" % (filepath,filename)
                if (getFreeSpace() > bytesToReserve):
        for filename in sorted(os.listdir(filepath + "/")):
            if filename.startswith(filenamePrefix) and filename.endswith(".jpg"):
                os.remove(filepath + "/" + filename)
                print "Deleted %s/%s to avoid filling disk" % (filepath,filename)
                if (getFreeSpace() > bytesToReserve):

Single upload:

This part assumes you have a Dropbox account. If you don't have one already, go create one first.

  • The described at was my starting point. It is based on (I took a snapshot of it here just in case)
  • The script can upload individual files on demand which is exactly what I needed. The first time you run it asks you to enter the API key and secret provided to you by The script then creates a config file .dropbox_upoader in the local directory to store those values, and a private folder will be created on under /apps.
  • If you're having issues running the scripts that you download (in particular an error complaining about $'\r': command not found on files downloaded using wget), it could be because of the newline character (the old Windows vs Unix/Linux, CR vs CR/LF problem). To solve that use dos2unix to fix the newline characters ("sudo apt-get dos2unix" and run dos2unix on each of the problematic files).

Bulk upload wrapper:

  • This is a simple script I wrote to enumerate all the files in the picam folder that haven't been uploaded yet, and upload them one at a time (using the
  • If an image is successfully updated, it will move it to a "backups" folder, where it will be purged from - eventually.
  • Here is the script:
exec &>/tmp/my.log
if [ -d $BACKUP_FOLDER ];
        echo "Found $BACKUP_FOLDER."
        mkdir $BACKUP_FOLDER
echo "Looking for files..."
for f in $FILES
        if [ -f $f ];
          echo "Processing $f file..."
          # take action on each file. $f store current file name
          /home/pi/ upload $f /
          echo "Dropbox upload finished with exit code = $?"
          if [ $? -eq 0 ]
             mv $f $BACKUP_FOLDER/
             echo "Could not upload $f"
echo "Done uploading."  

Run the bulk upload wrapper regularly

  • I used a cron job to look for new images every minute
  • A problem that my cron config avoids is the case where a cron instance is not done uploading when the next one kicks off. I solved that by adding a lock.
  • Run
crontab -e 

on the command line and append the following to the file:

* * * * * root  /usr/bin/flock -xn /var/lock/script.lock -c '/bin/bash'

Learned from <>

  • Verify that all the path references (in all the scripts) were absolute paths. That fixed some issues I had running scripts in cron.

Et voilà!

Things to Improve On

The following are features I want to get to at some point, but you implement them yourself before I do, I would appreciate leaving a comment on this article to point me to your implementation :)
  1. Overlay each image with with the local date and time.
  2. An alerting mechanism when there is motion captured and uploaded. is a place you can look at.
  3. A mechanism to arm and disarm the system on demand

Points of Interest

This was an interesting weekend project, and the following were new things I learned doing it.
  • Python 101: white space is important in Python, and indentation is used to determine the scope :-)
  • How to create locks in Bash to prevent two processes from overlapping each other.
  • And last but not least, the client for the Dropbox REST interface.
What did you learn?


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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The Hank 197414-May-15 21:17
The Hank 197414-May-15 21:17 
QuestionKeeping Dropbox within it's limit Pin
d0fl12-May-14 0:56
d0fl12-May-14 0:56 
AnswerRe: Keeping Dropbox within it's limit Pin
SeattleGus19-May-14 9:47
SeattleGus19-May-14 9:47 
Very interesting! I hadn't thought of the impact of the algorithm on the longevity of the SD card. That's another reason to turn off the debug image I guess

Would you only write the images to tmpfs? Or would you go further and move /var/log logs to tmpfs - since those seem to have a lot of file writes under normal circumstances? (the latter would apply to any RPi project, not just this one)

You're also right that I will run out of dropbox space at some point. Another cron job to delete the oldest files from dropbox could solve the problem. I have been deleting the unnecessary images manually for now. Another solution is of course to buy more space Smile | :)
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d0fl20-May-14 21:56
d0fl20-May-14 21:56 
GeneralRe: Keeping Dropbox within it's limit Pin
SeattleGus27-May-14 12:21
SeattleGus27-May-14 12:21 

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