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Developer? 5 Reasons To Make A Mobile App

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24 Mar 2014CPOL2 min read 13.4K   7   4
Here are 5 reasons to make a mobile app

#1 – You already know programming

Of course you know programming – you are a developer! You have already made several applications – maybe they are web apps, some server apps or desktop applications – it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that code doesn’t intimidate you and you know how to plan an application from visualising the final product to constructing the perfect code that actually works!

#2 – You have a smartphone

Unless you are unlike almost every software-person in the world, you already own a smartphone. This is good – because that means you already have the hardware needed to execute the mobile app you will be writing! It doesn’t really matter what kind of smartphone you have – because chances are you have a computer that will be the perfect development platform for it. Having a smartphone, you already use a ton of different apps and you already have the experience needed to judge if apps are good or bad – which leads to the next point.

#3 – You have problems

Well – not you – but you have several apps that don’t work. Maybe they have bugs. Maybe they are missing features. Or maybe they are just stupidly made and annoy you a lot when you are forced to use them. If this is not the case, you must have some need or desire that isn’t fulfilled at the moment – now, you have an excellent idea for an app! Scratch your own itch! Do your own dogfooding! And when you are done, you’ll have a new useful app you made yourself!

#4 – You will gain knowledge

When you are done, you will know what it takes! You will know why so many mobile apps fail to deliver and why they suddenly crash, e.g. – it is not that easy. A lot of engineering efforts are put into making the smartphones the easiest computers to use – ever – but the act of creating apps and the perfect user experience on such a young platform is not trivial. Random bugs, doubtful internet connectivity and different hardware features will ensure that you walk away from the experience with a newfound respect and understanding about the device in your pocket and the efforts that are put into making it and its apps working.

#5 – It could be a new career

Writing a mobile app will scratch your own itch. You will be a better developer when you are done. And maybe others can use your app too! After all – if you find it that useful, why shouldn’t others?! Maybe you’ll have a new (or a few new) side projects on your hand. Maybe you will even kickstart a new career – you don’t know. Just get on with it – I bet you’ll like it!

Bonus reason #6

It beats sitting around watching yet another reality show on TV.

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Manggarasau Sajo20-Apr-14 23:01
Manggarasau Sajo20-Apr-14 23:01 
SuggestionGreat article but one point... Pin
Casey Sheridan13-Apr-14 7:37
professionalCasey Sheridan13-Apr-14 7:37 
It doesn’t really matter what kind of smartphone you have – because chances are you have a computer that will be the perfect development platform for it
I'm not sure this works. A lot of people still have iOS with a Windows machine. AFAIK, the two don't really play well together when it comes to app development.
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Sampath Lokuge6-Apr-14 3:35
Sampath Lokuge6-Apr-14 3:35 
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Christian Amado25-Mar-14 5:21
professionalChristian Amado25-Mar-14 5:21 

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