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Posted 13 Mar 2014


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Displaying an Organisation Chart from AD in SharePoint

13 Mar 2014CPOL3 min read
Using AD as a source for your organisation chart is useful if you have deployed the foundation version of SharePoint but wish to maintain a centralised organisation chart with other applications. This article tells you how.

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The TeamImprover SharePointOrgChart web part is great for displaying your organisation chart within your corporate SharePoint and works with both server and foundation versions of SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and MOSS 2007.

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Organisation charts can be drawn from a SharePoint list, the User Profile Service, a database query or directly from Active Directory. Please refer to our User Guides for more details.

The evaluation web parts can be downloaded from here or the links below:

Server Edition Foundation Edition
2013 Server 2013 Foundation
2010 Server 2010 Foundation
MOSS 2007

Using AD as a source for the chart is especially useful if you have deployed the foundation version of SharePoint but wish to maintain a centralised organisation chart with other applications. This article tells you how.

Install the web part (guides here and here tell you how) and open a new web part page in Edit Mode. From the custom category select the orgchart web part and add it into a web part zone.

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Once added the web part will display the setup wizard. Choose Active Directory from the drop down list of data sources and give your organisation chart a name.

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Pressing Next>> will take you to the next applicable step. In this case it is selecting the active directory attributes to be displayed in each box. AD exposes a lot of attributes so it is quite an unwieldy list. Selecting two or three fields normally gives the best results. In this example displayname and title have been selected.

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Pressing Next>> moves the wizard on a step allowing you to set look & feel styling properties. The web part exposes a lot more properties in the traditional web part configuration settings, however these basic properties allow you to pick your style quickly.

To see a full list of properties available visit the properties page on our site here and see the User Guides for more information on the other features available.

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Once you have selected a style and pressed done you will be presented with your organisation chart!

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By default the organisation chart web part will look for the current user (you!) and then find his or her manager using the manager AD attribute and draw the chart from that point.

A frequent requirement is to start the chart at a specific position, for example at the CEO level. To do this you simply put the web part into Edit Mode and then set the Data Source > start Value property to either the account name or distinguished name of the person you wish to begin with.

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The TeamImprover SharePoint Org Chart is packed with features. You can use the conditional formatting rules to change the contents of individual boxes. In this example a rule has been set to check the AD flag AccountDisabled

Image 8

Which when applied highlights the people with disabled accounts in the chart. The conditional formatting can be used to easily differentiate between different types of worker (contract, interns, part-time) and different grades allowing you to bring your chart to life.

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The data rules section allow you to filter chart data without having to have access to the source. Which is great for excluding all those test or redundant accounts that might have sneaked into your corporate AD!

Also included in the package is a search and information web parts. These combine with the TeamImprover SharePoint Org Chart web part to allowing your end users to search the chart and find information quickly.

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Download the free evaluation web part today and begin creating a great organisation chart app for your end users! Or visit TeamImprover.Com to find out more information.

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