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Posted 11 Oct 2013


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MVP Pattern

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11 Oct 2013CPOL
MVP (Model View Presenter) FrameworkThe MVP pattern is an Architecture Pattern used to build applications.  It refers to splitting up the

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MVP (Model View Presenter) Framework

The MVP pattern is an Architecture Pattern used to build applications.  It refers to splitting up the responsibilities for gathering, displaying, and storing data from a web page into separate objects: a Model object, a View object, and a Presenter object.  The View is often an interface which is then implemented by an web page; the Model is a business object.  The Presenter negotiates the transfer of data between the other two objects.  The MVP pattern descends from the Model View Controller pattern that was originally described in Smalltalk.

The advantage of having the View be an interface is that it can be implemented by many different presentation models other than a web page, such as a Fitnesse page, an NUnit mock class, or a Windows application.





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