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Posted 3 May 2013

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CardTruth - Have fun gifting your friends!

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3 May 2013Apache2 min read
A social gifting and communicating platform that would allows you to send a video or written message to someone on Facebook.

This article is an entry in our Windows Azure Developer Challenge. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting. Create your free Azure Trial Account to Enter the Challenge.


CardTruth would be a social gifting and communicating platform that  would allows you to send a video or written message to someone on Facebook. You also have the option to send a gift along with your message! This new online social gifting and sharing platform that brings video, gifts, and friends together.  All you need is a Facebook account – which, most likely, you already have and CardTruth – which is free to use!

How Windows Azure will be Used

We’d use Windows Azure for Networking, Business Analytics, Messaging, Caching, Identity, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Media, Commerce and SDKs for our product. Azure would also help us in scaling our database and applications on demand.


Paper and plastic might degrade or get lost, but a digital card won’t. In the digital age, we help in creating digital memories – the ones that will last forever! This is where CardTruth steps in.

Want to send a secret message to your crush or surprise your friends and loved ones? Unlike other gifting sites, CardTruth offers a fun, easy and customized platform for you to remain anonymous while sending out messages and gifts. Be it a date, birthday, special holidays or invitation for a business meeting – one can stand out from the crowd with CardTruth.

Using the code

CardTruth would be created using Zend framework, JQuery (Ajax) with backend as MySQL. We would be using :

  • Facebook graph API to get the friendlist
  • Facebook dialog  to post messages to their wall & Private Message
  • Giftango API to  have a collection of gift card  for the users
  • to handle the payment transactions
  • Wowza media server for deployment and streaming of video messages 

Points of Interest

Using our proposed app one can send a video invitation, write a personalized message, and share gifts like never before!

CardTruth makes social messaging and gifting simple and fun. You can choose a creative buzzword, select the recipient, enter the message, and you're off!

How interesting it could be to send a secret message to your crush using this app only by giving her the link offline? Unlike other gifting sites, CardTruth would offers a fun, easy, and customized platform for one to remain anonymous while sending out messages and gifts.  


The idea popped up while a friend of mine was sitting in a coffee shop and was smitten by a cute girl passing by. He asked me if there could be a simple way to get in touch with her and let her see my gift/message online. The concept looked intriguing and fun and we went on developing it further to apply to business and group gifts.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Apache License, Version 2.0


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Corey Hochman
United States United States
I am an Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor) practicing in Phoenix, AZ.

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