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Posted 1 Feb 2010


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How to Create Rich User Experiences with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

1 Feb 2010CPOL5 min read
Infragistics leverages Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the latest version of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) for the .NET Framework, to deliver powerful user interface tools that allow you to create rich user experiences that will delight your users with the WOW-factor!

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Infragistics leverages Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the latest version of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) for the .NET Framework, to deliver powerful user interface tools that allow you to create rich user experiences that will delight your users with the WOW-factor!

As the world leader in user interface development tools and User Experience experts, you can count on Infragistics to support the many improved productivity features that Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 will deliver. On each and every platform, there have been exciting opportunities to enhance the productivity and experience you have with Infragistics controls and components.

Throughout the beta cycle, Infragistics has taken support cases for the prerelease versions of Visual Studio 2010 from developers via phone, online chat, Web site and peer-to-peer forums. The product teams have each been integrating new features from Visual Studio 2010 into every platform of Infragistics NetAdvantage® for .NET. The end result, to be released within 30 days after Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2010, is the most powerful set of user interface tools for creating rich user experiences that will delight your users with the WOW-factor!


Some of the major investments going into making Visual Studio 2010 a complete Web development experience surround these key features:

  • A high-performance and standards-compliant JavaScript IntelliSense® engine
  • “One-Click” deployment that quickly publishes files and configuration settings from development machines to the final deployed site
  • Full support for integrating Silverlight into ASP.NET projects and solutions to provide “islands of richness”
  • Enhanced design-time integration with Microsoft SharePoint®

In addition to supporting these key features, Infragistics is looking at including native support for client-side data binding and client-side templates. Another addition that might make it into an upcoming release is support for Script Loader, which allows the browser to retrieve all necessary JavaScript files in one HTTP request. These new features enable you to create remarkably rich user interfaces that rival the desktop within the traditionally constrained Web browser.


Figure 1 – Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls create rich and responsive user experiences for your data-intensive Web applications.

Download a free trial of NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls today to see how much easier Web development can be when you have a toolset full of rich and responsive AJAX controls that can handle any job.

Windows Forms

Visual Studio 2010 furnished Infragistics with the opportunity to deliver even more compelling user experiences on the Windows Forms platform, with new capabilities in these key areas:

  • Windows® 7 support
  • Multi-Touch support for default gestures in Windows 7
  • In-proc SxS hosting lets your application load and activate several versions of the CLR
  • A separate build of WPF control assemblies that will be optimized to .NET 4.0

Infragistics has continued to advance their Windows Forms user interface controls over the past several releases, and development support for Windows 7 is a big deal. In addition to the new Framework and tooling support, you can expect to see new controls and features added to the NetAdvantage Windows Forms toolset that will continue to make them the unrivaled choice of developers everywhere.


Figure 2 – Infragistics NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls feature turn-key scheduling user interfaces and more as shown by this hospital’s physician scheduling application.

Download a free trial of NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls now to add extreme functionality, complete usability and the WOW!-factor to your next application.

Windows Presentation Foundation

The .NET Framework SDK 4.0 includes many enhancements for WPF developers, including improved graphics performance and layout rendering, better localization support and improved interoperability.

  • Improved support for UI Automation to ensure that Infragistics WPF controls perform flawlessly with the new test automation support in Visual Studio 2010
  • An enhanced design surface experience for all controls that takes advantage of design surface improvements common to both Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression® Blend™ 3
  • Multi-Touch support for default gestures on the Windows® 7 operating system
  • Visual State Manager
  • Improved Accessibility
  • A separate build of WPF control assemblies that will be optimized to .NET 4.0

From the perspective of developer productivity, the alignment of the design surface across Expression Blend 3 and Visual Studio 2010 allows for a more consistent rapid application development (RAD) experience using NetAdvantage WPF controls. With the breadth and depth of these high-fidelity user interface controls, you will be creating powerful line of business applications in no time.


Figure 3 – Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF controls are winners in this high-fidelity, high-performance trading application.

Download a free trial of NetAdvantage WPF controls today to realize your next generation of line of business applications tomorrow.


Visual Studio 2010 brings a rich developer experience for building Microsoft Silverlight™ 4 applications. The entire design-time experience around Silverlight 4 is supported, including:

  • WYSIWYG drag-and-drop design surface
  • Full property browser support
  • Enhanced debugging

Now with the design-time experience that Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers have been accustomed to in Visual Studio for years, the NetAdvantage Silverlight controls for Line of Business, and the NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization product, enable you to have a much more streamlined experience from first idea to final implementation.


Figure 4 – Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight controls show-off your talent in Line of Business applications that both inspire and impress.

Download a free trial of NetAdvantage Silverlight controls to create scalable, high-performance Line of Business applications on the Web.

Download a free trial of NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization controls to add high-end business intelligence visuals in your next Rich Internet Application (RIA).


Infragistics leverages the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE to deliver you more powerful user interface tools so that you can go out there and create the richest user experiences you can envision that will delight your users with the WOW-factor! Visit or download a free trial to test drive these controls for yourself.


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This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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My name is Murtaza Abdeali, also known as Taz, I am the Product Manager for Web Clients at Infragistics. I manage our ASP.NET product line.

I started at Infragistics in 2004 as a Developer Support Engineer, where I enjoyed being at the fore front of all the product lines, talking directly to customers, answering questions, solving simple and complex problems.

Then I joined our Evangelism department as a Technical Evangelist, where I travelled all over the world visiting customers, speaking with them face to face, talking about the product and technologies around. During the same period, I also did some consulting and training gigs. This was the time where I got to see Infragistics customers actually using the product within their applications and being able to help with their problems in real time.

In my current role as a Product Manager, I still do all of the above, but I am also responsible for setting the direction for our ASP.NET product. So, if you want to discuss anything regarding the ASP.NET toolset, please feel free to contact me:

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