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Posted 27 May 2008


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Upload images into a MySQL database using VC++

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24 Sep 2009CPOL1 min read
How to upload images into a MySQL BLOB field using the ODBC driver.


This article explains uploading image files into a MysQL database using the MySQL C/C++ libraries or MySQL ODBC drivers. When I try to upload image files into MySQL, I was able to read it as bytes or characters but I couldn't insert an image into a MySQL BLOB field using the ExecuteSQL function in the CDatabase class.

Image files contain special characters especially escape sequences. If we want to upload an image file, read it as a string or character constants, and replace all (\) with (\\). My library does this as well. My library function converts unformatted data into formatted data. We can then easily upload it to a MySQL database.

Using the code

The downloadable zip file contains...

  1. mysqlfileimportexport.dll
  2. mysqlfileimportexport.lib
  3. mysqlfileimportexport.h

The following code snippet describes how to use mysqlfileimportexport.dll.

Class name: Cmysqlfileimportexport

Method: blob_Import

  • Step 1: Include this header file and library file into your code.
  • C++
    #include "mysqlfileimportexport.h"   
    #pragma comment(lib,mysqlfileimportexport.lib)
  • Step 2: Write the code for your database connection.
  • C++
    CDatabase db_Obj;
    //Database connection code here
  • Step 3: Include these lines into your code:
  • C++
    Cmysqlfileimportexport lib_Obj; 
    LPSTR Buffer = NULL;
    int iReturnValue = lib_Obj.blob_Import("c:\\xx\\",&Buffer);
    //If return 0 success, otherwise failiure.
    CString sQuery;
    sQuery.Format("INSERT INTO tablename fieldname(LONGBLOB) VALUES('%s')", Buffer);
  • Step 4: Execute the query using the database connection variable.
  • C++


Don't forget to add mysqlfileimportexport.dll in your project directory.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

$uresh $hanmugam
Software Developer
India India
Working in SIEMENS, Chennai, India - currently into vc++.

Comments and Discussions

QuestionBinary data of the image changes? Pin
Gokulnath00715-Jul-11 3:06
MemberGokulnath00715-Jul-11 3:06 
Binary data of the image changes? So, we will not get the original image, it is utter waste. If a single space is inserted in the binary data of the image, then the originality changes and the original image will not be reproduced. I am damn sure about this issue. Is there a way to get the original image then..,,,,,,,,,
GeneralThis is not an article Pin
transoft25-Sep-09 3:37
Membertransoft25-Sep-09 3:37 
Questionhow to read a file ? Pin
lanis120111-Nov-08 8:31
Memberlanis120111-Nov-08 8:31 
AnswerRe: how to read a file ? Pin
jacksp29-Sep-09 0:22
Memberjacksp29-Sep-09 0:22 

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