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Posted 7 Apr 2008


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Codez Bank: A code snippet bank application

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30 Jun 2008CPOL2 min read
An application that stores and manages useful code snippets and keeps them always handy.


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CodezBank is just a small application that stores source code snippets organized in a hierarchical manner with basic search ability. You just copy and paste the code snippet into or from this application via the Clipboard. If you have a bag of coding tricks, then you want to keep them in this app.


Every time I work on some project, I always find myself digging through books and my old files to see how I did one or another piece of code. Although it works, it usually requires a lot of time. Sites like CodeProject keeps code always available, but if I am offline or on a remote location without the connectivity, then I have always wanted a small application that keeps the code snippets organized and handy.

Points of Interest

This application is a medium to advanced MFC project that covers advanced usage of libraries provided by Microsoft.

  • Storing data in a binary tree.
  • SDI Explorer like interface with multiple views in the right pane (Color syntax and List view).
  • Colored syntax editor.
  • Tree drag drop that rearranges the data in the binary tree.
  • Usage of Regular Expressions provided by the vbscript.dll #import.


Version - 4/7/08:

  • Initial code.

Version - 4/22/08:

  • Fixed undo bug in the code editor. Thanks to ndrsoft for pointing out a solution. - 6/30/08:

  • Added more C++/C keywords as was suggested by the readers.
  • Changed tool bar to have a 256 color bitmap instead of 16 color.
  • Added documentation panel to the Source view. You can put all the explanation down there instead of comments so the code looks cleaner for the eye. I found it useful to paste there the whole MSDN or other documentation page(s) and links. Then, you will have the whole shebang in one tree node.


  • Syntax editor very limited as far as undo actions. (I am figuring this out. If anyone knows how to fix that, drop me a note) So do not Ctrl+Z, it won't work. Fixed.
  • Syntax editor currently highlights a subset of C and C++ keywords. I will add VB and C# later.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Architect Robotz Software
United States United States
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Comments and Discussions

Digismartek12-Sep-16 3:05
MemberDigismartek12-Sep-16 3:05 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Guyverthree11-Apr-11 6:51
MemberGuyverthree11-Apr-11 6:51 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Shao Voon Wong2-Jan-11 15:41
mvaShao Voon Wong2-Jan-11 15:41 
GeneralConsider adding word wrap to bottom section Pin
Lyle M24-Feb-09 7:05
MemberLyle M24-Feb-09 7:05 
GeneralThanks... exactly what I needed Pin
netizenk20-Nov-08 13:00
professionalnetizenk20-Nov-08 13:00 
Questionthanks and question Pin
vinicius6-Nov-08 7:13
Membervinicius6-Nov-08 7:13 
AnswerRe: thanks and question Pin
steveb6-Nov-08 14:11
Membersteveb6-Nov-08 14:11 
GeneralNice to have features Pin
Steve H.6-Oct-08 6:36
MemberSteve H.6-Oct-08 6:36 
GeneralAttachments Pin
thund3rstruck2-Oct-08 9:29
Memberthund3rstruck2-Oct-08 9:29 
QuestionHow about adding a sort feature to the snippet titles Pin
Lyle M7-Aug-08 8:33
MemberLyle M7-Aug-08 8:33 
GeneralNew Version Won't Run on Vista 64 bit Pin
JeffBilkey7-Jul-08 15:11
MemberJeffBilkey7-Jul-08 15:11 
GeneralRe: New Version Won't Run on Vista 64 bit Pin
steveb7-Jul-08 16:53
Membersteveb7-Jul-08 16:53 
GeneralWishlist Pin
Warrick Procter1-Jul-08 11:00
MemberWarrick Procter1-Jul-08 11:00 
Firstly, well done steveb, and thanks.
I would like to see:
- a search facility;
- consideration of text (no syntax highlighting), for notes, documentation, etc;

Keep up the xcellent work - Warrick

Troft not lest ye be sponned on the nurg! (Milligan)

GeneralVery Good Pin
JBAK_CP1-Jul-08 9:45
MemberJBAK_CP1-Jul-08 9:45 
GeneralGreat Pin
Saurabh.Garg1-Jul-08 2:27
MemberSaurabh.Garg1-Jul-08 2:27 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
steveb1-Jul-08 2:49
Membersteveb1-Jul-08 2:49 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Saurabh.Garg1-Jul-08 3:39
MemberSaurabh.Garg1-Jul-08 3:39 
GeneralExcellent Pin
Matt Brunk30-Jun-08 22:59
MemberMatt Brunk30-Jun-08 22:59 
GeneralSome keywords missing [modified] Pin
Mario M21-May-08 5:40
MemberMario M21-May-08 5:40 
GeneralGreat app. and suggestion Pin
Demian Panello29-Apr-08 3:06
MemberDemian Panello29-Apr-08 3:06 
GeneralNice idea, some thoughts... Pin
Jon68z23-Apr-08 4:23
MemberJon68z23-Apr-08 4:23 
GeneralRe: Nice idea, some thoughts... Pin
steveb23-Apr-08 4:56
Membersteveb23-Apr-08 4:56 
GeneralGreat Application Pin
Steve H.22-Apr-08 11:05
MemberSteve H.22-Apr-08 11:05 
Generalbug: undo Pin
ndrsoft19-Apr-08 21:43
Memberndrsoft19-Apr-08 21:43 
GeneralRe: bug: undo Pin
steveb21-Apr-08 8:00
Membersteveb21-Apr-08 8:00 

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