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Posted 9 Dec 2006


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16 Dec 2006CPOL2 min read
SmartLink allows to group together the files across the network in logical folders, Groups


The basic idea behind development of SmartLink is the need to access the files which are present on different drives across the network, by grouping them in logical folders. These logical folders are known as Groups. This tool is used to add a common link between files, so that they can be accessed from a Group. For example, consider an MP3 file which is present on your desktop and other MP3 file which is present in c: drive. Now by using SmartLink, both of these files can be grouped together into Song Files Group. This tool extends the windows folder structure functionality.

There are three main parts of the SmartLink:

  1. Addition of Link
  2. Showing the Linked Files
  3. Removing the Link

1. Addition of Link

Image 1

Enter or Select the Group from dropdown list and click on Link button.

Image 2

Repeat the same procedure for other files to add them to different groups. Right click on the file and select SL – Add Link.

2. Showing the Linked Files

Image 3

Otherwise, a screen with all the Groups and Linked Files is displayed.

Image 4

List on the left hand side displays, all the Groups. List on the right hand side displays the Groups for the selected file and other files linked to those Groups. Now the linked files can be opened directly, by double clicking on them. Files linked in other groups can be seen, by double clicking on the Group Name on the list present on the right hand side. To view linked files, right click on the file and select SL – Linked Files option. If selected file is not linked with any Group, then an Error Message will be shown.

3. Removing the Links

Image 5

Otherwise a screen with all the groups in which selected file is linked in shown.

Image 6

Check the Groups from which selected file should be removed and click Remove button. To remove the link, right click on the file and select SL – Remove Link option. If selected file is not linked with any Group, then an Error Message will be shown.

Tools and Technologies

  • VB.NET 2003
  • XML

SmartLink ©


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Hey, this is Shirish a software guy by profession. Along with my hectic job schedule, I like to work on different ideas. I am in total love with all the GUI related things. I also like to work with the databases. I enjoy, to develop some simple tools which can be useful to other software professionls like me as well the normal users.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions/ideas, at mentioned email address.

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