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Posted 28 Dec 2005


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A Richtext Note Application which is Automatically Managed

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3 Feb 2006CPOL3 min read
A richtext note application which is automatically managed. It has many useful features which are very important.

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Light Note 2.1 is now available here.

Sample Image - ligntnote.gif


Writing notes is a common task to do any type of work on the computer. The note should not be so heavy like Word processor nor should it be less powerful like Notepad. I think Microsoft did not design a useful Notepad. So, many third party Notepads are available. This is a hybrid of Notepad and Word processor. I felt the need for a Notepad which will manage itself because most of the times I write some note in Notepad and close it without saving it. Even if I save it, I hardly re-open it. Sometimes I look for a note I've written earlier, but fail to locate it. So, I decided to design a note application which will meet my requirements. Light Note 1.0 is the solution to my problem.

What are the Additions in Light Note 1.0 Compared to Similar Products?

  • It saves the note without informing the user.
  • The user does not have to worry about the location of the note files.
  • It provides a manager to manage all the notes.
  • It is a singleton application which manages all the notes.
  • Light Note can be made to be always on top.
  • Light Note can be made transparent.
  • It can be collapsed and expanded to maximize the working area while working with other applications.
  • Automatic resizing according to the text.
  • Send a note to Outlook Note.
  • Send a note to Outlook Task.
  • Hide/Show note even if it is not saved.
  • Centralized management of notes from system tray menu.
  • And many more features…

How to Use Light Note 1.0?

If you install Light Note 1.0 and run it, then you will get an icon titled as Light Note 1.0 in your system tray.

Image 2

Create New Note

To create a new note, you can have four choices:

  • Double click on the system tray light note icon.
  • Right click on the system tray light note icon. A context menu will display the options. Click New Note in that menu.
  • Click on the icon of an opened light note. A context menu will display the options. Click New Note in that Menu.
  • In an opened note, press Ctrl+N to create a new note.

Open an Existing Note

To open an existing note, right click on the system tray light note icon and go to Notes menu and click your expected notes. Or open the light note manager from the system tray context menu and double click on the note you want to open. If your note is not in the database, then double click the light file explorer will open it with Light Note 1.0 and add to the database.


You can set initial options like Always on top, transparency and always send to Outlook from the context menu.


To find text in your light note, press Ctrl+F.

Image 3

Note Theme

To change note theme, check the appropriate theme in the system tray context menu.

Image 4

Light Note Manager

Click on the Light Note Manager to manage your light note. You can delete any note or open by double clicking on the note.

Image 5

Light Note Menu

To get the light note menu, click on the left side icon in your light menu.

Image 6


To make your light note, click on the icon->View->Transparency. A transparency slider bar will help you make your note transparent.

Image 7

Collapse and Expand

You can collapse/expand the note by clicking on the collapse/expand icon or from the menu.

Image 8

Send To

Sometimes we may feel like saving a note in Outlook note or maybe a note should be a task. So, in Light Note 1.0, you can send your light note to Outlook note and Outlook task. It will save the note to Outlook as a note or task according to your choice.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Written By
Software Developer (Senior) KAZ Software Limited
Bangladesh Bangladesh
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AnswerRe: Where is the code? Pin
H. S. Masud28-Jan-06 20:29
MemberH. S. Masud28-Jan-06 20:29 
Sorry I removed the source code temporarily. It's back now. Enjoy the application. I had released Light Note 2.1 with the source code. You can download it from codeproject and my site. To visit my site click the link

Hasan Shahriar Masud
Senior Software Engineer
Kaz Software limited
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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