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Posted 1 Oct 2010


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Enliven and Enrich Your ASP.NET AJAX Applications On Mono

1 Oct 2010CPOL3 min read
With their support for Mono 2.6.5 (and later), Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls are the perfect choice for building rich and lively Web 2.0 applications that give you complete freedom to choose the hardware platform that’s best for you.

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A Shake-Up to the System

Infragistics rocked the marketplace this summer by adding support for Mono to their NetAdvantage® ASP.NET AJAX user interface control toolset, pioneering a trend that open source advocates hope other .NET component vendors will follow. Mono, the open source, standards-based implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, lets you create cross-platform Web applications running on Linux and other operating systems. By developing on Mono, you are free to deploy Web apps to either a Microsoft Windows®-based or an open source server, whichever is best for you! And what’s great about the Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls running on Mono is that they enable you to rapidly build and style high-fidelity, full-featured line of business Web applications.

Platform “Freedom of Choice”

ASP.NET AJAX controls with platform “freedom of choice” are quite possibly a new and revolutionary concept, at least in the .NET component vendor marketplace, that was borne out by the customer demands Infragistics found itself responding to. Ever attentive to their customers’ needs, Infragistics was quick to pounce on this market opportunity.

Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics, explained it best when he said, “Our customers have indicated that their organizations are moving to mixed IT environments, and require UI tools that enable them to deploy applications in either Windows or open source. With Mono compatibility in our ASP.NET toolkit, we enable developers who have a need for open source development to create UIs that are the basis for Killer Applications, and deliver the best user experience possible.”

By making their NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls include full support for Mono 2.6.5 (and later) right out-of-the-box (and at no extra cost), Infragistics gives developers the right to choose where they deploy their Web apps—either on Microsoft Windows-based or on lower-cost open source servers.


Figure 1 – Infragistics infraShop™ reference application built with ASP.NET AJAX controls including the WebDataGrid™, WebSlider™ and WebDialogWindow™ runs on a Linux-based Web server and Mono 2.6.5.

It Runs on Mono

Infragistics infraShop (pictured in Figure 1) is an e-commerce showcase built using Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls that’s running live on Mono 2.6.5 and a Linux-based Web server. More than a proof-of-concept, infraShop demonstrates how you can easily create high-fidelity, full-featured Web applications for e-commerce and other lines of business like this on your own, with platform “freedom of choice.” It features several of Infragistics’ user interface controls that offer your application’s end users rich and lively functionality like a hierarchical Web data grid, a slider and a fully-stylable dialog window.

Web Development Tools for Mono

As an experienced Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 developer, you can retain the IDE you’re most comfortable with to build high-fidelity, full-featured Web applications like Infragistics infraShop with the NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls. Using the Mono Tools for Visual Studio add-in that’s available from Novell, you can use Visual Studio for all of your non-Windows® application development. With great development tools available like these, you’ll be able to quickly and easily migrate your .NET applications over to other operating systems like Linux, UNIX or Mac OS X without having to learn to use any new tools or languages.


Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls are available and offer full support to rapidly build and style high-fidelity, full-featured line of business Web applications that run on Mono 2.6.5, giving you--the developer--the ultimate in platform “freedom of choice.” Experience the freedom by trying Infragistics infraShop for yourself, and downloading a fully-functional free trial of Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX controls today.


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I started at Infragistics in 2004 as a Developer Support Engineer, where I enjoyed being at the fore front of all the product lines, talking directly to customers, answering questions, solving simple and complex problems.

Then I joined our Evangelism department as a Technical Evangelist, where I travelled all over the world visiting customers, speaking with them face to face, talking about the product and technologies around. During the same period, I also did some consulting and training gigs. This was the time where I got to see Infragistics customers actually using the product within their applications and being able to help with their problems in real time.

In my current role as a Product Manager, I still do all of the above, but I am also responsible for setting the direction for our ASP.NET product. So, if you want to discuss anything regarding the ASP.NET toolset, please feel free to contact me:

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