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at Article "How to add support for undocumented third party hardware controllers"
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at Article "article "Sending WhatsApp messages from a Win32 c++ program""
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at Article "article "Need for Speed - C++ versus Assembly Language""
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at Article "Embed an HTML control in your own window using plain C"
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at Article "Article "How to do the definition of a template class in .h file and implementation of the template classes in .cpp file?""
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at Article "article "A simple, portable yet efficient Quicksort implementation in C""
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by rxantos at 30-Nov-15 22:54  
at Article "Article "Using Visual Studio 2008 IDE with Visual C++ 2010 compiler""
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at Article "Decompress Zip files with Windows Shell API and C#"
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at Article "article "Smart pointers for single owners and their aliases""
by rxantos at 1-May-14 16:00  
at Article "article "Another way for RETRY logic without using GOTO keyword""
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at Article "Article "Why to use memory pool and how to implement it""
by rxantos at 13-Feb-14 16:42  
at Article "Article "Conservative Garbage Collector for C""
by rxantos at 23-Oct-13 14:57  
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at Article "Article "C++ Exceptions: Pros and Cons""
by rxantos at 7-May-10 7:06  
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