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Survey Results

Does your organisation host a Christmas / Holiday party for you?   [Edit]

Survey period: 14 Dec 2009 to 21 Dec 2009

Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, or even Finish Independance Day - does your work provide, and pay for, a party, dinner or event to celebrate?

Yes, and it's a big and/or messy one10610.34
Yes, we have an organised party or dinner41140.10
Yes, but it's casual or a little unorganised13613.27
Sometimes. It depends on motivation and the bank balance858.29
No, we don't do anything18117.66
I'm not part of an organisation626.05
I don't know. I guess I'll soon find out.232.24

GeneralNot for several years Pin
Brad Stiles14-Dec-09 3:23
Brad Stiles14-Dec-09 3:23 
GeneralSpecial Gifts Pin
W Balboos, GHB14-Dec-09 2:58
W Balboos, GHB14-Dec-09 2:58 
GeneralSmall not really a "party" Pin
Corporal Agarn14-Dec-09 2:38
professionalCorporal Agarn14-Dec-09 2:38 
GeneralYep! Pin
Maximilien14-Dec-09 2:03
Maximilien14-Dec-09 2:03 
GeneralNope Pin
NormDroid13-Dec-09 22:46
professionalNormDroid13-Dec-09 22:46 
GeneralIt's first year they don't :( Pin
Jarek Kruza13-Dec-09 21:30
Jarek Kruza13-Dec-09 21:30 
Generalit's depend on organization's culture Pin
koolprasad200313-Dec-09 19:20
professionalkoolprasad200313-Dec-09 19:20 
GeneralRe: it's depend on organization's culture Pin
Programm3r13-Dec-09 19:55
Programm3r13-Dec-09 19:55 
koolprasad2003 wrote:
have a happy holidays....

And happy holidays to you too ... Jig | [Dance]

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Java | [Coffee] Programm3r

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