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Survey Results

Who does the graphic and UI design for your projects?   [Edit]

Survey period: 27 Jul 2009 to 3 Aug 2009

A professional? Or you and Paint.NET?

We have an in-house graphic designer(s)14915.88
We have someone in-house who can do a good enough job10711.41
We use a contractor when needed758.00
Whoever writes the code does the graphic/UI design52756.18
We don't do any graphic / UI design232.45
We don't need any graphic or UI design202.13
I have no idea what happens in our organisation373.94

Generalwe have looking for the way Pin
favorxx2-Aug-09 1:36
Memberfavorxx2-Aug-09 1:36 
Generalgraphic and UI design Pin
JimmyRopes31-Jul-09 14:42
professionalJimmyRopes31-Jul-09 14:42 
I have never met a University graduate who didn't think that they could teach,
or a developer who didn't think they could design a UI.

In reality there are very few people who can do either very well.

Simply Elegant Designs JimmyRopes Designs
Think inside the box! ProActive Secure Systems

I'm on-line therefore I am.

GeneralUI's made for who? Pin
Rainer Skerra30-Jul-09 6:37
MemberRainer Skerra30-Jul-09 6:37 
GeneralUI and Design are 2 different things... Pin
AlexCode29-Jul-09 7:06
professionalAlexCode29-Jul-09 7:06 
GeneralNot all coders are bad at UI Pin
Grav-Vt29-Jul-09 4:17
MemberGrav-Vt29-Jul-09 4:17 
GeneralRe: Not all coders are bad at UI Pin
Mycroft Holmes31-Jul-09 13:49
professionalMycroft Holmes31-Jul-09 13:49 
Generalmissed one - we have someone in house who does the work and stinks at it. Pin
Donsw29-Jul-09 2:11
MemberDonsw29-Jul-09 2:11 
Generalthe color blind draws the icons Pin
peterchen29-Jul-09 0:45
Memberpeterchen29-Jul-09 0:45 
GeneralGraphic design and UI design aren't the same... Pin
Indivara28-Jul-09 15:44
professionalIndivara28-Jul-09 15:44 
GeneralDepartment Policy: You made it, you do it's make-up Pin
Josh.Hetland28-Jul-09 12:18
MemberJosh.Hetland28-Jul-09 12:18 
GeneralHahahahaha Pin
nsimeonov28-Jul-09 8:04
Membernsimeonov28-Jul-09 8:04 
GeneralRe: Hahahahaha Pin
W Balboos, GHB28-Jul-09 8:21
mveW Balboos, GHB28-Jul-09 8:21 
GeneralRe: Hahahahaha Pin
thrakazog30-Jul-09 6:09
Memberthrakazog30-Jul-09 6:09 
Generalthis is my big problem Pin
mheidari28-Jul-09 4:57
Membermheidari28-Jul-09 4:57 
GeneralUI importance - based on my experience. Pin
Mauro Gagna28-Jul-09 3:03
MemberMauro Gagna28-Jul-09 3:03 
GeneralRe: UI importance - based on my experience. Pin
That's Aragon29-Jul-09 4:42
MemberThat's Aragon29-Jul-09 4:42 
Generalmyself Pin
pimb228-Jul-09 2:48
Memberpimb228-Jul-09 2:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
Xmen Real 28-Jul-09 17:48
professional Xmen Real 28-Jul-09 17:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
Narvius28-Jul-09 23:48
MemberNarvius28-Jul-09 23:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
reverseenergy4-Aug-09 16:06
Memberreverseenergy4-Aug-09 16:06 
GeneralI like UI design Pin
Paul Darlington27-Jul-09 22:09
MemberPaul Darlington27-Jul-09 22:09 
Generalhalf and half Pin
Almighty Bob27-Jul-09 9:00
MemberAlmighty Bob27-Jul-09 9:00 
GeneralRe: half and half Pin
Elrond27-Jul-09 22:35
MemberElrond27-Jul-09 22:35 
GeneralThankfully, professional UI designers Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic27-Jul-09 5:32
MemberNemanja Trifunovic27-Jul-09 5:32 
GeneralUI Design is really a Difficult and Intelligence task Pin
koolprasad200327-Jul-09 3:06
professionalkoolprasad200327-Jul-09 3:06 

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