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Do you limit the width of your source code?   [Edit]

Survey period: 26 Jan 2009 to 2 Feb 2009

76 columns? 100 columns? Anything and let word wrap deal with it? How do you swing?

Yes, so that it can be printed easily1126.08
Yes, so it fits on my screen89548.61
Sometimes yes, sometimes no51628.03

GeneralRe: 79 Pin
Asday25-Jan-09 23:34
MemberAsday25-Jan-09 23:34 
GeneralWhat, the massive penis didn't do that? Pin
Naruki26-Jan-09 18:57
MemberNaruki26-Jan-09 18:57 
GeneralRe: 79 Pin
Schmuli25-Jan-09 22:43
MemberSchmuli25-Jan-09 22:43 
GeneralRe: 79 Pin
Asday25-Jan-09 23:07
MemberAsday25-Jan-09 23:07 
GeneralRe: 79 Pin
zwickerr27-Jan-09 6:34
Memberzwickerr27-Jan-09 6:34 
GeneralRe: 79 Pin
PIEBALDconsult27-Jan-09 6:25
professionalPIEBALDconsult27-Jan-09 6:25 
GeneralThe width of my screen. Pin
sucram25-Jan-09 19:33
Membersucram25-Jan-09 19:33 
GeneralRe: The width of my screen. Pin
Jason Barry26-Jan-09 2:48
professionalJason Barry26-Jan-09 2:48 
Same here. I just make it fit my screen, which is a lot of lines since I work on a 24" screen. It doesn't really matter though since the other programmer also has a 24" screen.
GeneralRe: The width of my screen. Pin
sucram26-Jan-09 19:22
Membersucram26-Jan-09 19:22 
GeneralHey, I'm #1 Pin
Jay Riggs25-Jan-09 18:06
MemberJay Riggs25-Jan-09 18:06 
GeneralRe: Hey, I'm #1 Pin
bob_K7IQ25-Jan-09 18:45
Memberbob_K7IQ25-Jan-09 18:45 
GeneralRe: Hey, I'm #1 Pin
Reelix25-Jan-09 19:08
MemberReelix25-Jan-09 19:08 
GeneralRe: Hey, I'm #1 Pin
PIEBALDconsult25-Jan-09 20:24
professionalPIEBALDconsult25-Jan-09 20:24 
General80 Pin
Great Crested Dave25-Jan-09 20:33
MemberGreat Crested Dave25-Jan-09 20:33 

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