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How optimistic are you about your company's fortunes for 2009?   [Edit]

Survey period: 5 Jan 2009 to 12 Jan 2009

2008 ended on a grim note. Overall, how are you feeling about how your company (or yourself if self-employed, or your organisation if not in a company) will survive 2009?

2009 will be a great year for us28222.15
2009 will be a good year for us31424.67
2009 will be average24719.40
2009 will be below average16012.57
2009 will be grim.15011.78
Don't know or don't care655.11
I'm not working554.32

Generalit's the other way round for us... Pin
RedSonja20-Jan-09 2:27
MemberRedSonja20-Jan-09 2:27 
GeneralGenerally scary indeed, but if you play your cards properly, I (personally) don't think there is anything to worry. [modified] Pin
Sundar Subramaniam11-Jan-09 7:32
MemberSundar Subramaniam11-Jan-09 7:32 
To be honest i was indeed worried at the economic meltdown happening around us, and was preparing plan B, C and D to ensure i was organised and ready to expand my horizon of consulting options (i.e. not only to concentrate on architecture, but also to get ready for day-to-day development consulting) and product development oppurtunities.

I was also thinking as to what effect the economic meltdown was going to have on the thrid-party components development market - since i am one myself.

All that said, if my recent and the continuing present is any evidence, i am seeing things to the contrary of my initial fear.

I completed my recent consulting contract with one of the largest European projects as their Architect (of course i consult as a contractor for years now), and contrary to my fear of economic chaos around, i was able to get through quite a good count of consulting offers as .NET Architect straight-away (I am in the UK, which is worst hit by recession).
The consulting rates finally offered by the ultimate customer was almost at the same level as my earlier large scale projects (although the "middleman" agency did moan about at the start when they spoke to me, trying to get me a horrible rate quoting the economic reccession)... but i was able to convince my usual daily rates once i had spoken to the customer!

Secondly, i also find a flood of product (my .NET controls products) sales coming Smile | :) ... to be honest it is now better than my sales around September-November 08.

I guess that, after all, the recession is not to hit you if you are in a trade that needs to keep happening whatsoever (like my architecting / design consulting on WCF implementations since these cannot go away since these are jobs that has to conitnue to be done - no matter what!), and also if you are selling stuff that are complex components that companies will continue to buy, considering the cost of in-house development + maintenance vis-a-vis support that you can have from thrid party vendors at a fraction of the potential in-house development cost.

All in all, i think if our consulting and business are in areas that needs to stay and continue to be done + your products portfolio are those that are worthwhile for customers to buy from you rather than to produce in-house, we are safe, no matter what economic meltdown may be going around.

So my answer to the poll question about my view of 2009 for my cpmpany and business is: "Very positive".
I thought of sharing my perspective and experience to you all, so there is some positve words going around Wink | ;-) rather than to hearing the usual economic meltdown and its scary effects.

Just my two pence Smile | :)

Sundar Subramaniam

modified on Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:58 PM

GeneralScary at least from current perspective ... Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:16
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:16 
GeneralGrim but not bad compared to.... Pin
Krissh7-Jan-09 22:41
MemberKrissh7-Jan-09 22:41 
GeneralRe: Grim but not bad compared to.... Pin
ToddHileHoffer8-Jan-09 6:31
MemberToddHileHoffer8-Jan-09 6:31 
GeneralRe: Grim but not bad compared to.... Pin
Jim Crafton8-Jan-09 10:37
MemberJim Crafton8-Jan-09 10:37 
GeneralRe: Grim but not bad compared to.... Pin
Ed K9-Jan-09 11:15
MemberEd K9-Jan-09 11:15 
Generalwhy so sad? Pin
Gary_Wenneker7-Jan-09 1:57
MemberGary_Wenneker7-Jan-09 1:57 
GeneralVery Grim Pin
Ben Daq6-Jan-09 22:02
MemberBen Daq6-Jan-09 22:02 
Generalwe're programmers Pin
StevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:26
MemberStevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:26 
Generali voted for bad Pin
Sean Botha6-Jan-09 3:12
MemberSean Botha6-Jan-09 3:12 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
MarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:19
MemberMarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:19 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
MarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:30
MemberMarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:30 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
MarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:20
MemberMarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:20 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
MarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:31
MemberMarcelloTurnbull6-Jan-09 3:31 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
sucram6-Jan-09 20:07
Membersucram6-Jan-09 20:07 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
Sean Botha6-Jan-09 21:29
MemberSean Botha6-Jan-09 21:29 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
sucram6-Jan-09 21:42
Membersucram6-Jan-09 21:42 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
KarstenK6-Jan-09 23:09
mveKarstenK6-Jan-09 23:09 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
Jason Barry7-Jan-09 2:54
professionalJason Barry7-Jan-09 2:54 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
KarstenK7-Jan-09 3:37
mveKarstenK7-Jan-09 3:37 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
Vladimir D7-Jan-09 8:02
MemberVladimir D7-Jan-09 8:02 
GeneralRe: i voted for bad Pin
Gary_Wenneker7-Jan-09 8:32
MemberGary_Wenneker7-Jan-09 8:32 
GeneralGood unless Pin
sucram6-Jan-09 2:39
Membersucram6-Jan-09 2:39 
GeneralRe: Good unless Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:17
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:17 

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