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Survey Results

How many monitors do you use?   [Edit]

Survey period: 30 Aug 2004 to 5 Sep 2004

Do you use multiple monitors at work? If so how many? (Suggested by S Hawkins)

1 Monitor91457.56
2 Monitors58136.59
3 Monitors452.83
4+ Monitors402.52
None. (Braille embosser, screen reader, neural shunt etc)80.50

GeneralNext Poll Should Be Pin
programmervb.netc++19-Apr-11 6:31
Memberprogrammervb.netc++19-Apr-11 6:31 
GeneralThe Power of Two Pin
Krissh19-Apr-11 1:01
MemberKrissh19-Apr-11 1:01 
GeneralGreat for painting Pin
gordingin22-Sep-04 9:32
Membergordingin22-Sep-04 9:32 
General2 21" monitors Pin
JakeEOP5-Sep-04 8:14
MemberJakeEOP5-Sep-04 8:14 
GeneralOoh cool a neural shunt Pin
WillemM5-Sep-04 0:40
MemberWillemM5-Sep-04 0:40 
General19" + 17" Pin
repsac4-Sep-04 20:02
Memberrepsac4-Sep-04 20:02 
GeneralWho chose the questions now... Pin
Kastellanos Nikos3-Sep-04 4:54
MemberKastellanos Nikos3-Sep-04 4:54 
GeneralHow to setup 2 monitors Pin
Gautam Jain2-Sep-04 23:47
MemberGautam Jain2-Sep-04 23:47 
GeneralRe: How to setup 2 monitors Pin
feline_dracoform2-Sep-04 23:58
Memberfeline_dracoform2-Sep-04 23:58 
Generalmissing option Pin
Igor Velikorossov2-Sep-04 21:23
MemberIgor Velikorossov2-Sep-04 21:23 
General1 at work, 2 elsewhere Pin
fabulous2-Sep-04 8:50
Memberfabulous2-Sep-04 8:50 
General2 monitors to chat with girlfriend Pin
Miguel Lopes2-Sep-04 7:40
MemberMiguel Lopes2-Sep-04 7:40 
GeneralRe: 1 monitors to chat with girlfriends Pin
Anonymous3-Sep-04 8:11
MemberAnonymous3-Sep-04 8:11 
GeneralRe: 2 monitors to chat with girlfriend Pin
Mark Focas3-Sep-04 23:03
MemberMark Focas3-Sep-04 23:03 
GeneralRe: 2 monitors to chat with girlfriend Pin
Miguel Lopes4-Sep-04 4:22
MemberMiguel Lopes4-Sep-04 4:22 
GeneralLaptop LCD screen + external monitor... Pin
Arjan Einbu2-Sep-04 3:56
MemberArjan Einbu2-Sep-04 3:56 
General1 14" CRT @ 1024x768 Pin
J. Dunlap1-Sep-04 22:12
MemberJ. Dunlap1-Sep-04 22:12 
GeneralRe: 1 14" CRT @ 1024x768 Pin
NormDroid2-Sep-04 1:18
professionalNormDroid2-Sep-04 1:18 
General1 15" CRT @ 800*600 Pin
feline_dracoform2-Sep-04 23:53
Memberfeline_dracoform2-Sep-04 23:53 
GeneralRe: 1 15" CRT @ 800*600 Pin
WillemM3-Sep-04 0:03
MemberWillemM3-Sep-04 0:03 Pin
Trevor Kennedy1-Sep-04 18:45
MemberTrevor Kennedy1-Sep-04 18:45 
GeneralRe: Pin
p daddy8-Sep-04 22:29
Memberp daddy8-Sep-04 22:29 
Trevor Kennedy wrote:
If only I could get to display the form designer on one monitor and the code view on the other or one class within the same project on each monitor

You can, Trevor! You have to maximise VS across both screens - there are tools to save you dragging it out manually every time (NVidia drivers have one i think). Once you've done this, open your designer and code editor in separate tabs. Drag one tab over the content area, and you'll be presented with a context menu to split horizontally or vertically. Select vertical, then drag the separator to sit in betweeen your 2 screens - job done!

I also squeeze outlook, messenger, rss feeds, winamp and performance info onto my right screen using the fabulous[^].

You can have a look at the result of this screen layout here:[^] (warning: PNG is 3200x1200, 400 odd k) Big Grin | :-D


Generalless than 2 monitors Pin
Jörgen Sigvardsson1-Sep-04 9:56
MemberJörgen Sigvardsson1-Sep-04 9:56 
GeneralRe: less than 2 monitors Pin
WillemM5-Sep-04 0:41
MemberWillemM5-Sep-04 0:41 
General2 > 1 Pin
bobthe1-Sep-04 7:24
Memberbobthe1-Sep-04 7:24 

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