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Survey Results

Your favourite MFC / C++ articles from July   [Edit]

Survey period: 9 Aug 2004 to 23 Aug 2004

This is the voting form for the monthly MFC / C++ article competition. Below are a list of the top 10 articles submitted last month. Please choose the ones you consider your favourite. Remember - you can only vote once!

CURLLinkButton - Customizable Hyperlink Control - DucThanh714.29
CFilterEdit: Use Regular Expressions to Filter Your Input. - Ben Hanson1224.49
Use Direct3D 8 To Fly Through the Munsell Color Solid - John Kopplin918.37
Object-oriented implementation of state-based logic - Danil Shopyrin36.12
PathBreaker - WTL utility to easily edit PATH-like strings - peterchen24.08
FooButton - Ravi Bhavnani1734.69
A class to synchronise thread completions - Rob Manderson816.33
Managed C++ wrapper for ZLib - sidew48.16
Status Progress Feedback - Roland Trainor24.08
Word-style Tooltips for Scrollbars - Chris Hills24.08
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GeneralHye,Really like FooButton from Ravi... Pin
Jigar Mehta18-Aug-04 3:22
MemberJigar Mehta18-Aug-04 3:22 
Really like FooButton from Ravi... and also the class helped me a lot.. I think we all VC++ programmer should use it for good GUI...

But I think the class still needs improvement... So, if the developer and us - the programmer can improve it so that it can become rigid and does not fail in any situation.. Because a button is very important still a button...

Just because of the use of button, if whole project gets exited, it should not be the case... So, improvement is really necessary...

But have to say Thanks Ravi... for giving such a nice code... will really help programmers like me... will also save a lot time...

Rose | [Rose]

Jigar Mehta

Software Developer
Gates Information Systems

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