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Survey Results

What is the minimum spec machine you would buy today?   [Edit]

Survey period: 19 Jan 2003 to 26 Jan 2003

New games, new OS's, new .NET. They all mean our kick-ass box of 2 years ago is now obsolete. What CPU/RAM specs are you choosing today?

Q1. CPU speed (in total, adjust for dual proc)

under 1GHz1496.85
>= 1GHz53924.79
>= 2GHz1,10550.83
>= 3GHz23010.58
>= 4 GHz1516.95


under 256 Mb642.94
>= 256 Mb50923.41
>= 512 Mb1,15052.90
>= 1 Gb35016.10
>= 2 Gb1014.65

Q3. Any must-have's?

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GeneralRe: Why? Pin
Daniel Fisher (lennybacon)20-Jan-03 2:10
Daniel Fisher (lennybacon)20-Jan-03 2:10 
GeneralRe: Why? Pin
Paul M Watt20-Jan-03 7:29
mentorPaul M Watt20-Jan-03 7:29 
GeneralRe: Why? Pin
Anders Molin20-Jan-03 5:34
professionalAnders Molin20-Jan-03 5:34 
GeneralRe: Why? Pin
Rob Manderson21-Jan-03 19:20
protectorRob Manderson21-Jan-03 19:20 
I follow a simple rule. Never have a faster machine at the office than at home! Why? Cuz getting used to a fast machine paid by someone else makes me want to spend my own money to match it. If you aren't using it you don't miss it.

Rob Manderson

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