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Survey Results

What AI systems are you using (or have used) to help you work (or play)?

Survey period: 17 Apr 2023 to 24 Apr 2023

There's nothing like heavy power tools to help you make your mistakes with speed, efficiency and a certain finesse. But the fun factor is out of this world. Which of the following have you used?

ChatGPT, Bing Chat, or any text generator26738.14
Deepcode, Synk Code or any other code analysis tool152.14
GitHub Copilot, OpenAI Codex, AlphaCode or anything that helps write code649.14
Human sentiment analysis (eg that measures the mood of standup meetings)20.29
Midjourney, DALL-E or any AI image generation9213.14
Music generators (eg
Other [Please comment]111.57
I've not used any of these types of AI tools39155.86
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralBard Pin
gardnerp18-Apr-23 12:11
gardnerp18-Apr-23 12:11 
GeneralRe: Bard Pin
Nelek19-Apr-23 9:23
protectorNelek19-Apr-23 9:23 
GeneralML.NET Pin
MSBassSinger18-Apr-23 11:52
professionalMSBassSinger18-Apr-23 11:52 
Generalmeasures mood of stand up meetings - nyuk nyuk nyuk Pin
raddevus18-Apr-23 2:42
mvaraddevus18-Apr-23 2:42 
GeneralGreat for Soft Skills Pin
snorkie18-Apr-23 2:33
professionalsnorkie18-Apr-23 2:33 
GeneralDoes AI do Autocorrect Better? Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki17-Apr-23 8:46
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki17-Apr-23 8:46 
GeneralOther Pin
theoldfool17-Apr-23 3:07
professionaltheoldfool17-Apr-23 3:07 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
K Personett18-Apr-23 10:21
K Personett18-Apr-23 10:21 
My "Other" answer is only because of an old Inference Engine I used decades ago with DOS and Turbo-C++ running on 286/386 machines, the early beginnings of AI. Can't remember the name of the product, too many projects since then.
GeneralChatGPT as a DM Pin
ronlease17-Apr-23 2:36
professionalronlease17-Apr-23 2:36 
GeneralRe: ChatGPT as a DM Pin
BryanFazekas18-Apr-23 1:33
BryanFazekas18-Apr-23 1:33 
GeneralDeep Learning using an imaging library Pin
RainHat17-Apr-23 2:26
RainHat17-Apr-23 2:26 
GeneralNone so far Pin
Nelek17-Apr-23 0:55
protectorNelek17-Apr-23 0:55 
GeneralI checked ChatGPT whether it generates the same code as my code on CodeProject and GitHub Pin
Shao Voon Wong16-Apr-23 20:25
mvaShao Voon Wong16-Apr-23 20:25 

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