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Survey Results

Who do you listen to most when making decisions about software development?

Survey period: 19 Sep 2022 to 26 Sep 2022

The person who controls whether you get paid418.72
Your team lead, or other senior developer408.51
Your team members (or member)265.53
Other developers (online or in person)153.19
The Product manager183.83
The marketing team00.00
The architect91.91
The users398.30
No one but myself8518.09
Depends on the situation19741.91

GeneralUsers? Pin
Roger Wright22-Sep-22 10:48
professionalRoger Wright22-Sep-22 10:48 
GeneralProduct Manager* Pin
den2k8822-Sep-22 3:51
professionalden2k8822-Sep-22 3:51 
GeneralMarketing?!!! Pin
  Forogar  21-Sep-22 8:48
professional  Forogar  21-Sep-22 8:48 
GeneralSME (subject matter expert) Pin
Doug Domeny21-Sep-22 4:14
professionalDoug Domeny21-Sep-22 4:14 
GeneralGetting them to talk Pin
trønderen20-Sep-22 19:29
Membertrønderen20-Sep-22 19:29 
Generalmost of the above Pin
JudyL_MD20-Sep-22 9:44
MemberJudyL_MD20-Sep-22 9:44 
GeneralListen to all but make the decision myself Pin
Greg Utas20-Sep-22 6:47
mveGreg Utas20-Sep-22 6:47 
GeneralDon't forget Pin
agolddog20-Sep-22 5:24
Memberagolddog20-Sep-22 5:24 
GeneralShould've Been Checkboxes Pin
Matt Bond20-Sep-22 4:24
MemberMatt Bond20-Sep-22 4:24 
I'm the team lead, so 2 apply for me. I listen to the Product Manager because they, like me, were a user of the product at one point and have actual domain experience. I also listen to two other team mates, both of who have been supporting/developing the product longer than me. The rest of the team mates all take direction from me.

That 5 answers:
* team lead
* myself
* product manager
* (some) users
* (some) team mates
Keep all things as simple as possible, but no simpler. -said someone, somewhere

GeneralRe: Should've Been Checkboxes Pin
PeteMcNamee20-Sep-22 6:42
MemberPeteMcNamee20-Sep-22 6:42 
GeneralUnprecise question! Pin
Member 1409260520-Sep-22 4:03
MemberMember 1409260520-Sep-22 4:03 
GeneralA book: The Design of Everyday Things Pin
Cpichols20-Sep-22 2:28
MemberCpichols20-Sep-22 2:28 
GeneralDepends... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer19-Sep-22 9:13
professionalDaniel Pfeffer19-Sep-22 9:13 
GeneralRe: Depends... Pin
Ralf Quint20-Sep-22 8:08
MemberRalf Quint20-Sep-22 8:08 
GeneralRe: Depends... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer20-Sep-22 8:19
professionalDaniel Pfeffer20-Sep-22 8:19 
GeneralRe: Depends... Pin
Ralf Quint20-Sep-22 10:07
MemberRalf Quint20-Sep-22 10:07 
GeneralRe: Depends... Pin
jsrjsr20-Sep-22 14:15
professionaljsrjsr20-Sep-22 14:15 
GeneralRe: Depends... Pin
trønderen20-Sep-22 19:00
Membertrønderen20-Sep-22 19:00 
GeneralFOSS Pin
trønderen19-Sep-22 8:05
Membertrønderen19-Sep-22 8:05 
GeneralRe: FOSS Pin
den2k8822-Sep-22 3:47
professionalden2k8822-Sep-22 3:47 
GeneralNormally myself Pin
Zach Burnett19-Sep-22 7:46
MemberZach Burnett19-Sep-22 7:46 
Generalmost of these but ultimately the person who pays me gets the biggest vote in my brain Pin
rnbergren19-Sep-22 3:51
Memberrnbergren19-Sep-22 3:51 
GeneralSeveral of the above Pin
Gary Wheeler19-Sep-22 3:05
MemberGary Wheeler19-Sep-22 3:05 
Generalit depends Pin
Nelek19-Sep-22 1:55
protectorNelek19-Sep-22 1:55 
GeneralNo one but myself Pin
CPallini18-Sep-22 21:56
mveCPallini18-Sep-22 21:56 

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