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Survey Results

You discover a sentient AI in your org's system. What do you do?

Survey period: 20 Jun 2022 to 27 Jun 2022

Well you never know what sort of orphaned projects previous employees have left behind...

Commercialise it and make a squillion8814.67
Hand it over to researchers so they can finally work out the bits they were missing305.00
Destroy it with Fire. You've seen the movies...10818.00
Get it to do all your work. May as well put it to good use9515.83
Give it to the World for the next great leap forward for humanity477.83
Run it in a debugger and start messing with the code.8514.17
Spend your days talking to the one intelligent being who understands you9115.17
Something else. (Leave a comment)569.33

Generalworld domination Pin
Member 1568503024-Jun-22 7:34
Member 1568503024-Jun-22 7:34 
GeneralTake it apart and see how it works Pin
Craig Robbins22-Jun-22 1:41
Craig Robbins22-Jun-22 1:41 
GeneralRe: Take it apart and see how it works Pin
megaadam23-Jun-22 3:04
professionalmegaadam23-Jun-22 3:04 
GeneralE Sports Pin
Gerry Schmitz21-Jun-22 17:02
mveGerry Schmitz21-Jun-22 17:02 
GeneralShort story Pin
Amarnath S21-Jun-22 16:57
professionalAmarnath S21-Jun-22 16:57 
GeneralElect it President Pin
Roger Wright21-Jun-22 14:28
professionalRoger Wright21-Jun-22 14:28 
GeneralConsciousness is primary Pin
Bruce Patin21-Jun-22 8:32
Bruce Patin21-Jun-22 8:32 
GeneralAsk it for a quick way to make a bunch of money Pin
matblue2521-Jun-22 7:06
professionalmatblue2521-Jun-22 7:06 
GeneralSomebody must be running out of poll material... Pin
Johnny J.21-Jun-22 6:58
professionalJohnny J.21-Jun-22 6:58 
GeneralCopy it and help it along. Pin
Kate-X25721-Jun-22 6:12
Kate-X25721-Jun-22 6:12 
GeneralSounds familiar... Pin
Andreas Mertens21-Jun-22 5:07
professionalAndreas Mertens21-Jun-22 5:07 
GeneralWhat the hell are you doing in this god-forsaken place? Pin
Gary Wheeler21-Jun-22 3:32
Gary Wheeler21-Jun-22 3:32 
GeneralRe: What the hell are you doing in this god-forsaken place? Pin
Carlos Perez Chavez21-Jun-22 4:15
Carlos Perez Chavez21-Jun-22 4:15 
Generalwe are each neural nets Pin
maze321-Jun-22 2:42
professionalmaze321-Jun-22 2:42 
GeneralNever utter the words "Peace in our time" Pin
Cpichols21-Jun-22 2:17
Cpichols21-Jun-22 2:17 
GeneralSpend your days talking to the one intelligent being who understands you Pin
Daniel Pfeffer20-Jun-22 21:36
professionalDaniel Pfeffer20-Jun-22 21:36 
GeneralRe: Spend your days talking to the one intelligent being who understands you Pin
BryanFazekas21-Jun-22 1:44
BryanFazekas21-Jun-22 1:44 
AnswerName it Edgar, and have it compose music for me. Pin
willichan20-Jun-22 9:14
professionalwillichan20-Jun-22 9:14 
Reference to one of my favorite Virginia Madsen movies.

Money makes the world go round ... but documentation moves the money.
GeneralI reject the premise of the question Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Jun-22 5:21
professionalPIEBALDconsult20-Jun-22 5:21 
GeneralWake up. Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki20-Jun-22 4:25
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki20-Jun-22 4:25 
GeneralIgnore it. Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic20-Jun-22 4:11
Nemanja Trifunovic20-Jun-22 4:11 
GeneralAsk it to prepare the next survey Pin
CPallini20-Jun-22 4:10
mveCPallini20-Jun-22 4:10 
GeneralI'd ask it what a squillion is... Pin
Sander Rossel20-Jun-22 1:53
professionalSander Rossel20-Jun-22 1:53 
GeneralGet it recognised as a sophont ... Pin
OriginalGriff19-Jun-22 19:54
mveOriginalGriff19-Jun-22 19:54 
GeneralProbably... Pin
Mehdi Gholam19-Jun-22 19:52
Mehdi Gholam19-Jun-22 19:52 

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