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Survey Results

Your boss says everyone must head back to the office full time. What's your response?

Survey period: 13 Jun 2022 to 20 Jun 2022

We're already at the office. I'd be slightly puzzled at this announcement9920.80
Relief. It's been a long break163.36
Nervousness. I think it's a good idea but it's...been a while245.04
Hesitation. I'm not ready. I'm not sure an office is for me265.46
Depression. Being in an a office is no problem. Being back at my old office is a problem173.57
Rejection. I'm not working for an organisation that won't let me work remotely12626.47
Not applicable: We don't have an office214.41
Not applicable: I have, and will continue to, work remotely5711.97
Not Applicable: I don't work377.77
I'm my own boss. I make my own rules.5311.13

GeneralRe: Elon is right Pin
Leo5626-Jun-22 21:04
Leo5626-Jun-22 21:04 
GeneralRe: Elon is right Pin
BryanFazekas15-Jun-22 1:26
BryanFazekas15-Jun-22 1:26 
PraiseRe: Elon is right Pin
Eddy Vluggen20-Jun-22 12:00
professionalEddy Vluggen20-Jun-22 12:00 
General"Are you feeling okay?.." Pin
Kris Lantz13-Jun-22 2:56
professionalKris Lantz13-Jun-22 2:56 
GeneralWe are in once every 2 weeks Pin
lmoelleb13-Jun-22 1:51
lmoelleb13-Jun-22 1:51 
GeneralAlready doing it Pin
den2k8812-Jun-22 23:17
professionalden2k8812-Jun-22 23:17 
GeneralWith the current cost of fuel ... PinPopular
OriginalGriff12-Jun-22 21:11
mvaOriginalGriff12-Jun-22 21:11 
GeneralI'm my own own boss, however... Pin
Sander Rossel12-Jun-22 20:56
professionalSander Rossel12-Jun-22 20:56 
I like working in an office.
I actually rented an office, a.k.a. pay good money every month, so I can sit in an office.
It looks professional towards customers, I'm among people, which actually gained me a good customer, and I can concentrate better when there's no TV and PlayStation around.

If I were still an employee, I'd want to be able to work from home.
I probably still wouldn't (unless the office was far away), but it says something about an employer if they let you work from home.
I even read about a recruiter recently who just watched companies who announced people had to come back to the office and then simply called their employees.
More than half of the employees were happy to switch jobs.

Basically, if my employer doesn't go the extra mile for me, I won't go the extra mile for them.
It's a two-way street and "just" salary doesn't cut it anymore (unless it's really good).
That's also how I want to lead my company when I get employees (which isn't easy in the current market).
Work from home is a no-brainer, as are 25 paid vacation days (20 is the legal minimum), a car, phone and laptop (these are a bare minimum nowadays).
Anything else can be discussed, such as study, working part time, flexible working hours, etc.
A happy employee is a good employee (usually) and they're every companies greatest "asset" and for some reason many companies forget this.

General"We have a fair remote work policy" is missing PinPopular
KarstenK12-Jun-22 20:41
mveKarstenK12-Jun-22 20:41 
GeneralRe: "We have a fair remote work policy" is missing Pin
lmoelleb13-Jun-22 5:00
lmoelleb13-Jun-22 5:00 
PraiseRe: "We have a fair remote work policy" is missing Pin
megaadam13-Jun-22 12:45
professionalmegaadam13-Jun-22 12:45 
GeneralNone of the above Pin
PIEBALDconsult12-Jun-22 18:26
professionalPIEBALDconsult12-Jun-22 18:26 

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