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Survey Results

You're being handed someone else's code to manage. What do you most hope for?

Survey period: 25 Apr 2022 to 2 May 2022

You probably want to choose them all, but you can only pick one. Assume the code is in a language and subject area you understand.
Comments and inline documentation to explain what's happening9215.46
Clear, clean, well-written code that's self explanatory28648.07
No critical security issues that will be a nightmare to fix223.70
Unit tests that cover everything important274.54
That it's written using a framework you understand335.55
Documentation: specs, requirements, goals, records of what decisions were made and why9015.13
The phone number of the person who originally wrote the code457.56

GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
den2k8828-Apr-22 0:40
professionalden2k8828-Apr-22 0:40 
GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
Nelek28-Apr-22 2:18
protectorNelek28-Apr-22 2:18 
GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
BryanFazekas29-Apr-22 2:26
BryanFazekas29-Apr-22 2:26 
GeneralAll of the above? Pin
OriginalGriff27-Apr-22 22:39
mvaOriginalGriff27-Apr-22 22:39 
GeneralProject documentation Pin
den2k8827-Apr-22 22:28
professionalden2k8827-Apr-22 22:28 
GeneralRe: Project documentation Pin
willichan29-Apr-22 5:29
professionalwillichan29-Apr-22 5:29 
GeneralI've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Sander Rossel27-Apr-22 22:17
professionalSander Rossel27-Apr-22 22:17 
GeneralRe: I've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Andreas Mertens29-Apr-22 4:43
professionalAndreas Mertens29-Apr-22 4:43 
I so agree. It shouldn't be so difficult just to get things running locally.
Some of my work has been to do critical bug fixes for production apps - things that need to be fixed ASAP. And it gets frustrating to have to spend 1-2 days just to get things working in a dev environment, then find it only takes an hour or so to recreate the bug and fix it. Meanwhile management is breathing down your neck, wanting to know when it will be done.

What gets to be especially frustrating is when management says "let's get XXXX (original developer) to fix this", even though he was a) the person who created this elephanting mess in the first place, and b) was responsible for the bug that I now need to fix...

GeneralRe: I've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Jacquers29-Apr-22 22:33
Jacquers29-Apr-22 22:33 

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