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Survey Results

You're being handed someone else's code to manage. What do you most hope for?

Survey period: 25 Apr 2022 to 2 May 2022

You probably want to choose them all, but you can only pick one. Assume the code is in a language and subject area you understand.
Comments and inline documentation to explain what's happening9215.46
Clear, clean, well-written code that's self explanatory28648.07
No critical security issues that will be a nightmare to fix223.70
Unit tests that cover everything important274.54
That it's written using a framework you understand335.55
Documentation: specs, requirements, goals, records of what decisions were made and why9015.13
The phone number of the person who originally wrote the code457.56

GeneralSpecification with comments is the most useful for me Pin
kurta99928-Apr-22 1:13
kurta99928-Apr-22 1:13 
Self explaining code is not enough, I need to know why things happen in the way how it's happen.

I was working on a big project when I had to edit some small thing in one subproject, which was just a few lines of code based on specs, but had to ask a lot of people because the documentation in code was almost 0 and nothing whas explained why it does that what it does.
GeneralThe phone number? Totally useless Pin
Nelek27-Apr-22 23:04
protectorNelek27-Apr-22 23:04 
GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
den2k8827-Apr-22 23:40
professionalden2k8827-Apr-22 23:40 
GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
Nelek28-Apr-22 1:18
protectorNelek28-Apr-22 1:18 
GeneralRe: The phone number? Totally useless Pin
BryanFazekas29-Apr-22 1:26
BryanFazekas29-Apr-22 1:26 
GeneralAll of the above? Pin
OriginalGriff27-Apr-22 21:39
mvaOriginalGriff27-Apr-22 21:39 
GeneralProject documentation Pin
den2k8827-Apr-22 21:28
professionalden2k8827-Apr-22 21:28 
GeneralRe: Project documentation Pin
willichan29-Apr-22 4:29
professionalwillichan29-Apr-22 4:29 
GeneralI've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Sander Rossel27-Apr-22 21:17
professionalSander Rossel27-Apr-22 21:17 
GeneralRe: I've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Andreas Mertens29-Apr-22 3:43
professionalAndreas Mertens29-Apr-22 3:43 
GeneralRe: I've been in this situation just last month... Pin
Jacquers29-Apr-22 21:33
Jacquers29-Apr-22 21:33 

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