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Survey Results

What's the hardest part of learning a new language?

Survey period: 4 Oct 2021 to 11 Oct 2021

Not using curly brackets / Using curly brackets609.17
Switching from camelCase to PascalCase to kebab-case to snake_case538.10
Is it @"..." or r"..." or $"..." or ...? Good old string conventions7811.93
var myInt or myInt: number or myInt: int. Declaring variables9414.37
Actually having to declare / not having to declare variables639.63
Changing the entire development environment32449.54
Changing the whole development stack26039.76
Finding your new language doesn't have that one feature / method / nugget that the other language has and you really need. Now.24237.00
The community. They are a strange bunch over there467.03
I'm never changing from my current language10115.44
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AnswerMessage Closed Pin
8-Oct-21 11:19
MemberMember 153872848-Oct-21 11:19 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
8-Oct-21 9:29
MemberMember 153872098-Oct-21 9:29 
AnswerMessage Closed Pin
8-Oct-21 9:29
MemberMember 153872098-Oct-21 9:29 
GeneralMissing option: Keywords and naming conventions Pin
Julius Adam4-Oct-21 21:26
MemberJulius Adam4-Oct-21 21:26 
GeneralPart II - imperative vs. functional Pin
Marc Clifton4-Oct-21 9:23
mvaMarc Clifton4-Oct-21 9:23 
GeneralQuack: switching from strongly typed to duck typed Pin
Marc Clifton4-Oct-21 9:21
mvaMarc Clifton4-Oct-21 9:21 
GeneralObviously, not the syntax... Pin
Sander Rossel4-Oct-21 2:45
professionalSander Rossel4-Oct-21 2:45 
GeneralRe: Obviously, not the syntax... Pin
ronlease4-Oct-21 3:46
professionalronlease4-Oct-21 3:46 
Totally agree with you. The new language usually isn't the problem, but all of the "stuff" that comes with it:
  • 1400 npm packages, but most are not what I need. How do I know what I need?
  • When do I jump in with JavaScript when there's a new framework every 12 seconds?
  • Whitespace matters here, but not here.
  • This feature behaves differently because there's 50 years of history (even though the language isn't 50 years old... or 5).
Truth be told, it's the nuance that both frustrates and makes things fun. Smile | :)
GeneralAll languages are the same Pin
#realJSOP4-Oct-21 2:34
mva#realJSOP4-Oct-21 2:34 
Generalfeatures Pin
Simon_Whale4-Oct-21 0:42
professionalSimon_Whale4-Oct-21 0:42 
GeneralThe language itself, actually Pin
jpoggio3-Oct-21 21:10
Memberjpoggio3-Oct-21 21:10 
GeneralNot the hardest, but here is one ... Pin
Amarnath S3-Oct-21 19:47
professionalAmarnath S3-Oct-21 19:47 
GeneralMissing option... Pin
Mehdi Gholam3-Oct-21 19:31
mvaMehdi Gholam3-Oct-21 19:31 
GeneralNeed another option Pin
PIEBALDconsult3-Oct-21 19:09
professionalPIEBALDconsult3-Oct-21 19:09 

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